So you are all high-speed now, you have a 1.75 inch belt, desert tan ball cap with Velcro patch. You have Sabre Red Pepper, tactical knife, and you’ve mounted torches to your waist; one in the front and a tactical back up in the rear! Remember what your instructor said during training: “two is one, one is none!”
You weren’t sure what time of day you would be on post so you stored away some black flex cuffs and some white ones, you don’t want to offend anyone, right?
Now when it comes to firearms you figure the bigger the better, so you strap a 9mm hand cannon to your hip. You have taken all the courses and the State has issued your credentials. You have passed the entire necessary tests; you’re ready to go, right? WRONG!
IMG_0043 (5)Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I willing to take another human being’s life to save my own or the life of another?
  • Am I capable of defending another, or myself and then render first aid and/or CPR to the very person I just injured?
  • Am I ready to face the consequences of my actions and defend those actions in a court of law?
  • What about the effects of my actions on my family and my friends, how will the public view my actions?

Each of the answers to these questions should actually create new questions to be answered, depending on which direction you have chosen. The bottom line is there is much more to think about than just, what kind of gear you will equip yourself with. Stay safe and consider all your options before you need them!