What is Executive Protection – What You Need to Know – ESS

What is Executive Protection and how does it differ from hiring a bodyguard? What you need to know before hiring an executive protection specialist.

What is Executive Protection – What You Need to Know – ESS

There is a difference between bodyguards and executive protection strategies.
Executive protection (EP), also known as close protection, refers to security measures taken to ensure the safety of VIPs. celebrities, executives or other individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their employment, celebrity status, wealth, associations or geographical location.
Executive protection is its own highly specialized field within the private security industry, and was started by the US Secret Service back in the 1970’s while protecting foreign dignitaries.

Executive Protection Services from ESS GlobalWhat is Executive Protection and how does it differ from hiring a bodyguard?

What is Executive Protection and how important is it? Unfortunately, all it takes is a very bad event to answer that question. And that is primarily where executive protection varies from hiring a bodyguard. While having a bodyguard with an NFL physique open your limo door looks imposing, executive protection requires risk assessment, advance work and lot’s of legwork to insure all goes according to plan.

What is Executive Protection? Mitigating Risk

The assessment of risk probability for any VIP is affected by a number of details. While some truly are industry secrets, there are 3 probabilities we can discuss here, that a typical “bodyguard” would never be trained on.
Specific Threats
Specific threats to the principal and his/her family from “persons of interest” need to be perceived and analyzed to keep the principals safe now and in the future. It should be no surprise that those who pose the biggest threats are rarely those who end up making direct threats. This mean that assessing risk entails more than recording actual threats. It should also encompass proactive intelligence to identify both probable and possible threats from persons and groups of interest. 
motorcade training in tampa bayTraffic
For some reason, crime, terrorism, kidnapping and traffic risks are perceived to be greater in certain cities or countries. A jeweler traveling to Caracas is perceived to be at greater risk than traveling to Chicago. Perhaps, but risk is everywhere. And while we are on the topic of travel, do you know the greatest single risk in travel? Getting seriously hurt in a road accident while driving a car. Secure transportation is a very important component of executive protection.
The third key indicator of risk probability is prominence. The more well known the principal is, the more likely they are to be approached by “persons of interest”. These interactions can range from slight to enormous invasions of privacy. They can be largely innocuous, or incredibly hostile. For celebrities, it can be over zealous fans. For other industries, say politicians, oil executives, religious speakers and other polarizing individuals, the risk of threat is higher.

Executive Protection and Bodyguards are Night and Day

Most bodyguards wonder “What is Executive Protection?” Why? Most bodyguards have never heard such words as Threat Assessment, Advance Tactics, Route Reconnaissance, Embus and Debus plans, Area Surveillance, Movement Safety, etc. These guys usually show up on the day of an event/gig and depend on physical deterrence. The problem with that is, there is usually someone in the crowd that no matter how big you are, they will still try something foolish. Many times purposely, in an effort to get your hands on them and then collect a payday in the form of a lawsuit or out of court settlement/payoff.
In the protection industry, there is no “license”, no testing, and no boards in most states. Executive Protection is usually lumped into the same category as Security Guards or Private Investigation and has little to do with either. Yet we see training to earn your “certified protection specialist credentials” advertised online. Unfortunately, nobody is regulating these schools, training centers and trainers. Meaning, nobody regulates or monitors what is taught and who is teaching it. Anybody off the street could be teaching you false and/or misleading information and you are paying for it. So your “protection credentials” at the end of the day is a piece of paper from the trainer and nothing more.

We Hire From Our Own School

This is exactly where ESS Global Executive Protection School differs. We are licensed and our curriculum and instructors are all regulated and monitored by the D.O.E. And, only a few elite schools are D.O.E. approved and certified for executive protection. ESS has the only Executive Protection School in Florida, that is certified and approved by the D.O.E.

What You Need to Know About Executive Protection

New Challenges
executive protection - things can change rapidly Executive Protection Specialists that are responsible for the safety and security of VIPs, corporate executives, politicians, celebrities and others are facing new challenges. These challenges are created by a shift in how these principals are viewed by society at large.  Now, in the age of social media, VIPs can face near instant criticism and scorn for what others may deem a controversial position or statement, and in mere minutes, that criticism can reach hundreds of thousands of people. With a negative message getting vaulted into cyberspace, a principal can be confronted with a serious risk from lone activists and fringe groups who are determined to use extreme means to make an example of corporations, political beliefs, or celebrities which they suddenly perceive in a negative light.

Executive Protection – It’s All in the Assessment

Executive protection risk analysisThe first step in hiring an Executive Protection Firm is a Risk Assessment. This assessment process gauges the Threat/Vulnerability/Risk issues, factoring in such priorities as the type of industry that the principal is in, the notoriety, and the opposition groups/people they may encounter. This is a time-intensive and in-depth process that should be managed by a professional with experience in VIP risk assessment.  Very often, an outside consultation firm like ESS Global Corp, is the best option for managing this process.  ESS will give you an objective assessment of the most pertinent issues that your Executive Protection program will need to focus on.
Once the assessment phase is complete a program outline is then developed based on the threats/vulnerabilities/risks that were identified.  This program outline will address the identified issues through a spectrum of risk mitigation strategies intended to be cost-effective and proactively efficient. Although every situation is unique, there are mitigation strategies that are common to most all of them, such as the use of trained security drivers, protective intelligence gathering/analysis, embus and debus procedures, plans for public and private events, surveillance detection programs, and executive protection. These mitigation strategies require an understanding of the implications that come with them.

Good protective work is seldom seen, but always present. To learn more about ESS Global Executive Protection and VIP Protection, contact us today.

executive protection - for the familyWhen it comes to your security and the safety of your family, never accept “security” that compromises your protection by putting you in the hands of untrained personnel. Our close protection personnel are ideal for executives, executive teams, celebrities, athletes, politicians, musicians, dignitaries, and other individuals and families that need protection for an event, a venue, travel, a meeting, or 24/7, to protect privacy, family, careers and overall safety and well-being.
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Executive Protection Security Services – Worldwide

Executive Protection Security Services – Worldwide – When it comes to your security and the safety of your family, choose ESS.

Executive Protection Security Services

For clients that require more than simple security, ESS Global offers the ultimate in personal, professional executive protection security services. Our highly trained close protection expert conduct detailed threat assessments that keep you safe.
Executive Protection Security Services - Worldwide - ESS
ESS Global provides best in class executive protection, residential protection and secure travel services. And since our services are worldwide, we can respond to our clients’ evolving security needs quickly and reliably.
Our personal security experts are highly trained in our own VA Approved School, and in most cases are active or retired military/ law enforcement officers who currently or previously held protection detail assignments within their respective agencies.

Executive Protection Security Services – ESS Global

  • Executive Protection
  • Celebrity Protection
  • Special Event – Venue Events
  • Emergency Services
  • Jewelry Escorts
  • Appearances/Speaking Engagements
  • ​Shareholder/Board Meetings
  • ​Physical Threats – Crisis Management
  • ​Downsizing/Hostile Terminations
  • National and International Travel Protection

It can come out of nowhere..
A disgruntled ex-employee, an overzealous fan (or a drugged-out fan), stalking, someone who wants to make a name for themselves, or some other type of “unwanted attention”. Worse, it could lead to a physical confrontation or some other immoral interaction when you least expect it.
Be prepared.
Hire ESS Global Corp Executive Protection Specialists – With Protective Services in Over 60 Countries

Executive Protection Security Services – Worldwide Protective Services

Executive Protection Security Services - Worldwide
Here at ESS Global, we ensure our clients’ security and discretion, and cater to each of their specific individual needs.
Our security teams lay the protective framework for your security with advance threat preparations, working with local authorities, and a laser focus on your security and comfort.
ESS Global Corp clients benefit from:

  • Customized Risk Assessments
  • Close Protection Agent Availability throughout The US, As Well As Globally
  • Secure Ground Transportation
  • Travel Planning and Protection
  • Private Aircraft Protection
  • Special Event Security
  • Venue Security and Protection

Executive Protection Nationwide Security Service – From the Leader in Security – ESS

ESS agents are trained to minimize security risks without interfering in normal daily routine. This allows our clients to concentrate on their business affairs, not their security concerns.
ESS Global Corp will take every precaution when it comes to protecting you, your family, and your property.  Our agents experience in this field is second to none.
To learn more about how ESS Executive Protection Services can assist you:



Bodyguard Services in Florida

Bodyguard Services in Florida – Executive and VIP Protection – Employee Termination – VIP Transport – Close Protection in Florida.

Bodyguard Services in Florida

Personal and Family Protection goes by many names – Executive Protection, Close Protection, Bodyguard, VIP Protection and many more.
Bodyguard Services in Florida - Family ProtectionIn essence, they all represent the same idea. That is to identify and mitigate threats to personal and/or family safety. And it’s what we do here at ESS Global. ESS has provided personal and corporate security details in over 60 countries. And with our corporate office in Tampa, Florida is our backyard.

And it’s not just Celebrities and Politicians…        

The fact is, there are many people who can actually benefit from executive security, otherwise known as close protection or body-guarding. Here are some of the types of individuals that can benefit from engaging a close protection specialist.

  • You do not necessarily need to be a celebrity, a politician, or own a billion dollar business to require your own close protection – anyone who has experienced a sudden amount of public attention may also need one. This is often the case for members of the general public that have become widely known for any reason. This could be for any reason such as a media scandal or being seen on TV holding a big lottery check.
  • If you handle money, whether at a church or a bank or anything in between, close protection can make a significant difference in assuring the safety of the individual charged with this task. The same holds true in the transport of the money, as in many cases that presents the highest risk.
  • In the case of expensive possessions, engaging the services of a close protection specialist can prove to be invaluable. Transporting diamonds? Sensitive documents or information? There are many instances where it’s not the person someone could be after, it’s their possessions.
  • Bodyguard Services in Florida - Domestic DisputesDivorces and domestic disputes is another reason protection services are used. Sometimes when spouses split up, the potential for violence exists.  Either party to the divorce may enlist the services of a personal close protection expert if the other has threatened to harm them.  In the case of domestic disputes, many security agencies are called upon to provide a level of protection to those who fear retribution from a threatening, violent or otherwise unpredictable ex-partner. If you feel that your safety is threatened by anyone you know, regardless of your relationship with them, hiring executive security can be one way to find some peace and normality until the issue is resolved.
  • Employee Terminations and Workplace Violence. It’s always best to engage a protection specialist when handling a potentially explosive termination or workplace issues.
  • Bodyguard Services in Florida - TravelTravel, especially if it’s out of the country. People often hire close personal protection for business and personal trips they make. Whether you are traveling outside of the country, or going to a high-dollar business meetings, the services of a protection specialist may be called upon. And it’s not just the usual hotspots you need to worry about. People traveling to Europe, India and other places that used to be considered safe are calling security firms like ESS Global Corp to ensure their safety abroad.

There are many reasons to look for Bodyguard Services in Florida. At ESS Global Corp, we have your back. ESS is the leader in executive/ close protection/ bodyguard services in Florida.

ESS Global Corp provides executive and close protection specialists, not just minimally trained bodyguards in order to keep our clients safe. Our Protection Services Include: Executive and Close-Personal Protection, Risk Assessments, Anti-Terrorism, Executive Travel, Self-Protection Training, Club and Venue Security, CPR/First Aid and more.

Bodyguard Services in Florida – Personal and Family Security

Bodyguard Services in Florida - ESS Global Corp
“People need to remember”, says Theodore Billiris, CEO of ESS Global Corp, “everyday situations in relatively safe locations are not totally risk free. It doesn’t matter if the threat is planned or opportunistic. Incidents affecting personal safety, both directly and indirectly, can and do occur every day. This threat is heightened with travel outside the perceived safety of the home.”
ESS Global Corp clients benefit from:

  • Customized Risk Assessments
  • Close Protection Agent Availability Across The US, As Well As Globally
  • Secure Ground Transportation
  • Travel Planning and Protection
  • Private Aircraft Protection
  • Special Event Security
  • Venue Security and Protection

ESS Global Corp will take every precaution when it comes to protecting you, your family, and your property.  Our agents experience in this field is second to none.
Our solutions are tailored to your needs. Give us a call or drop us a line and find out more about the ESS Global difference.

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Why Families Hire Close Protection

Here’s 5 reasons why families hire close protection; Safety, Security, Lifestyle, Risk Mitigation and Privacy. ESS – Real security for the real world today.

Why Families Hire Close Protection

Why families hire close protectionTo the average person watching TV or a Hollywood movie, close protection is often seen as a “perk” of the “rich and famous”.
It’s not.
No one grows up aspiring to hire close protection agents.
why families hire close protection -ESS

Here are the reasons why families hire close protection.


Often, we use safety and security as synonyms. “Did you arrive at your destination safe and secure?” Safety refers to the “state” of being free of physical harm, while security refers to the “process” of providing the state of safety.
And for most folks, locking the doors and keeping your wits about you provides an environment that fosters safety.
Until it doesn’t.
For high net worth individuals and families, there are many ways to provide that “state” of safety for yourself and your family. Gated communities, security systems, and fencing are some ways that help protect.
Until they don’t.
And for some, they understand that it makes sense to “cure” their safety once it’s been breached. While others take a proactive preventative approach.
why families hire close protection - safetyAnd what about outside the home? That’s when you are most vulnerable . That fancy home security system doesn’t protect you when traveling. or when your children go to school.
And that’s the most common reason why families hire close protection. To maintain a state of safety outside the home.


The “process” of security is all around us. Bank guards, bar bouncers, lobby security guards, even school crossing guards remind us about this process every day.
Why do families hire close protection? We can’t speak for other firms, but here at ESS, it’s not about getting a big, intimidating fellow to walk around with you. It’s about threat analysis and risk mitigation. Those are the first steps needed to begin the “process” of providing safety to individuals and families.

Risk Mitigation

why do families hire close protection - threat analysis Again, the starting point for any serious risk mitigation efforts is a professional threat analysis. Unless you fully comprehend the threats facing you as well as your vulnerabilities to these identified threats, you have no way of assessing your risk. Consequently, you’ll have no understanding how to mitigate them.
When you understand and identify the threats, then add in your vulnerability (exposure), you can then begin to formulate a balanced risk mitigation plan.


For executives, sports figures, celebrities, politicians and other high net worth individuals the “cost” of loss of freedom reaches a point where it needs “balance”.  The tipping point comes when they realize that they can no longer maintain their preferred lifestyle without professional close security. Because with loss of freedom, comes loss of privacy.


why families hire close protectionWhether they’ve made their fortune in high profile fields such as the entertainment industry, or sports, or are powerful players in closely-scrutinized industries or any other reason, families and individuals want privacy. And while “fame” might be seen by some as a “perk”, the bottom line is the more well-known a person or family member is, the more likely they are to be approached by strangers.

And in almost every case, these types of interactions are unwanted. These invasions of privacy can have a threat level that ranges from negligible to imminent. They include troublesome but basically harmless exchanges with strangers and they can also be hostile. And it’s these threats that can then become crimes (assault, stalking, harassment, kidnapping).

ESS Global provides individual and family close protection services in Tampa, throughout Florida and the US, as well as in over 60 countries worldwide.

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Security Guard Services In Orlando

ESS Global Corp provides security guard services in Orlando and throughout Florida. Additionally, we also provide Close Protection and Bodyguard Service.

Security Guard Services In Orlando

Security Guard Services in Orlando – Armed and Unarmed – Business Security, Neighborhood Security, Event Security, Venue Security and Executive/ VIP Protection from ESS Global.

Security Guard Services in Orlando – Armed (G) and Unarmed (D)

Security Guard Services in Orlando - D and G ESS Global provides armed and unarmed Security Guards in Orlando to business and organizations of every type; Banks, Housing Authorities and HOA’s, Construction Sites, Offices, Corporate Security, Organizations, Churches, Businesses, Event Security, Venue Security, 24-Hour Businesses and more. ESS even provides (HOA) neighborhood security.

And, here at ESS Global, our Security Guards are trained for the two required Florida security guard licenses (D,G) at our own school here at ESS and it’s the only security school in the state of Florida that is certified and approved by the Florida Department of Education for security training.
So the next time you think about security guard services in Orlando, think “it’s all about the training”.

Because it is.

Event and Venue Security in Orlando 

Security Guard Services in Orlando - ESPN Event
Security Guard Services in Orlando – On Security Detail at ESPN Event

When it comes to event security in Orlando, ESS Global Corp has the experience you require to see your next event goes smoothly. From conventions to concerts, races, festivals, corporate functions and more, ESS is your first choice for event security in Orlando.
We have developed a variety of security solutions which are designed to help you host an event that is safe and secure for everyone involved.
ESS Global Corporation security officers will be trained on the details specific to your event and the location in which it is held. With our primary focus on customer service, your guests and patrons get the most of what you have to offer, all while working with you to help identify specific security risks for your event and how to best mitigate them.
Let ESS Global help you with your event planning and implementation so you can focus on all the other important details of your event.

Executive Protection Services in Orlando – Close Protection

Bodyguard Services in Orlando
At ESS, we specialize in providing executive protection services in Orlando and beyond. ESS provides bodyguard services and close protection specialists for corporate executives, VIP’s, or anyone in the area who is looking to stay safe while attending an event, or even just visiting Florida. We also provide safety consulting services, such as vulnerability assessments and secure VIP transportation.
ESS Global Corp clients benefit from:

  • Customized Risk Assessments
  • Close Protection Agent Availability throughout Florida, The US, As Well As Globally
  • Secure Ground Transportation
  • Travel Planning and Protection
  • Private Aircraft Protection
  • Special Event Security
  • Venue Security and Protection

So when thinking about Security Guard Services in Orlando, think about the leader in Florida Security; ESS Global Corp.

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