Construction sites are low hanging fruit for vandals, copper thieves, and looters. ESS Global Construction Site Security in Florida knows that from criminals to disgruntled employees; construction sites, tools, equipment and any other inventory falls prey to numerous predators. Whether it’s theft or casual destruction, construction sites can be an easy soft target.
ESS Global Corp is a Florida based security firm that has gained a reputation for offering reliable, professional security services for government, businesses and individuals across the county. Our affordable construction site security services protect your assets 24/7. Site loss from theft or destruction can quickly turn a profitable job into a losing proposition. It’s a small investment to ensure protection of your project from start to finish.

ESS Global Corp is The Leader in Construction Site Security in Florida

While every job is customized to your needs and specifications, some highlights of the ESS Global Site Protection Program are;

  • All Agents are armed, licensed, bonded and insured.
  • All Agents are trained in First Aid and CPR
  • All Agents report direct to client, appropriate law enforcement, fire departments, etc.
  • 24/7 Protection

In addition to protecting workers, tools, equipment as well as maintaining the progress of the site, ESS Global Site Security Protection can reduce potential liability and litigations based on the prevention of intruders and trespassers on your work site.
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The National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that construction companies lose more than $1 billion annually to theft. The most popular items targeted by thieves at job sites are tools, parked vehicles and raw materials such as lumber, steel and copper.
Trained, professional security consultants can provide much more protection than cameras and monitoring can ever accomplish, such as

  • Deter theft of construction equipment, tools and materials
  • Deter vandalism on site
  • Control all visitors to the job site during operational hours
  • Maintain a list of all vehicles, deliveries, and visitors to the site
  • Vehicle and/or foot patrol of job site during both op and non-op hours
  • Secure entrance and exit areas of site during non-operational hours
  • Maintain watch over site equipment during non-operational hours
  • Guard office trailers 24/7
  • Inspection of fencing and surrounding perimeter for security breaches
  • And Much More

ESS Global Corp can create a customized, strategic, affordable plan for protective services at your commercial or government construction site. We have experience dealing with both internal and external security threats that is unmatched in construction site security in Florida. Construction Site theft and vandalism is more than a nuisance, it can be very expensive and put you behind schedule as well.
Planning a job? Plan on protection from ESS Global.