ESS Global Corp has one of the largest networks of security guards and our goal is to make certain that when you need protection, that you only have to make one call. Since we first started, we’ve been making it simple for anyone to hire an armed guard. When you need to secure an event or when you need on-site mobile patrols be sure to call us. When you contact us, we promise to dedicate ourselves to helping you set up a custom plan. With us, you never have to worry about leaving your employees or customers in an unsafe environment. If it’s monitoring during store hours, after hours, or both, we will provide you with the only security services you need.

What sets us apart?

We are 1 of only a few companies in the country that are both a school and service provider. This is important because having a school in house gives us the ability to choose the best prospects for employment and vet them through the training process. Before our guard’s step foot on your property, you can rest assured, knowing that we have spent a lot of time with them during the training process and are not experiencing them or their skill set for the first time on your property. We will make sure that we will choose the right guard with the right skill set for your property.

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