There Can Be Only One ESS Global Corporation

There Can Be Only One

This is ESS Global Corporation

There are many that say they are like us. But there is only ONE ESS Global

Additionally, we are the only Executive Protection School in Florida that is approved by the VA to accept GI Bill Benefits.
There is only ONE ESS Global Corporation

There is Only One – ESS Global Corporation

“ESS Global Corporation provides education, training and consulting for commercial endeavors, government entities and the general public solely designed to enhance the safety and security of our communities. Our partnerships promote an unrelenting devotion to high standards of duty and courage. ESS Global Corporation accomplishes this mission through an unwavering dedication to deliver comprehensive security services to the communities we value and serve.”

There is Only One D.O.E Certified and Approved Protection School

ESS Global Corporation owns and operates the ONLY D.O.E approved Protection School in the state of Florida and only one of only a very few in the US. This is important for two reasons.

  • For Students – No government agency, other than the D.O.E. regulates or monitors what is taught and who is teaching it. Thus, anybody off the street could be teaching you, and you could be paying for false, misleading, inaccurate information. So the “protection credentials” you are handed at the end of the training, is simply a piece of paper from the trainer and nothing more. This is exactly where the ESS Global Executive Protection Training School differs. We are licensed and our curriculum and instructors are all regulated and monitored by the D.O.E., and, only a select few elite schools are D.O.E. approved and certified for executive protection training.
  • For Clients – Our D.O.E. certified protection school gives us the ability to assess our employees throughout the training process rather than assess them for the first time on a job, possibly your job! That can obviously be a liability issue. Unfortunately though, that’s how other security companies assess their employees as they don’t have any other way to do so. By the time it is realized that they do not have the skill set needed for this industry or they simply are not a good employee, it is too late! We, on the other hand, know before we ever place them on a job whether or not they have the necessary skills and will make a good employee.

There is Only One Global Security Agency That Owns a D.O.E Approved School

Of the handful of D.O.E. approved Protection Schools, not a single one of them are owned by a Global Security Company. Again, this is the only way to make sure the “Cream of the Crop” are hired by ESS Global for Executive Protection, Venue Security, VIP Transportation and more. The ones we don’t hire? They get jobs at other security agencies, maybe yours.

There is One Security Agency with a D.O.E Approved Protection Curriculum Operating Worldwide.

ESS Global Corp is the only Security Agency with a D.O.E Regulated School that has operated successful security projects in over 60 countries around the globe. ESS Global has protected executives, politicians, celebrities and other high net worth individuals globally on a regular basis. Not G4S, Not Pinkerton, Not Securitas. There is only one global security company with a D.O.E. approved protection curriculum. ESS GLOBAL CORPORATION.

There is Only One Security Company to Call for Church Security Training

ESS Global Corp has performed Church Security Training for thousands of churches and places of worship in over 50 countries. There is not one security company with as much church security experience or expertise as ESS. Not G4S, Not Pinkerton, Not Securitas. There is only one global security company to call for church security training. ESS GLOBAL CORPORATION.

There is Only One Security Company For Event and Venue Security

Planning an event? A Concert? A Race? A Festival? ESS Global has provided Event/Venue Security for crowds ranging from a few thousand to over a million. Who does the RNC call for conventions? ESS Global is a registered vendor of security for RNC conventions and events.  Grand Prix Formula One Race? Yep. Who handled the security for the Linkin Park Concert at Steinbrenner Field? Boys 2 Men? Not G4S, Not Pinkerton, Not Securitas. Need Event/Venue Security? ESS Global Corporation.

There is One Security School, and Only One D.O.E. Approved Protection/Security School That Comes to YOU.

Every protection school expects you to travel to them. NYC, DC, LA, wherever they are, you book the flight and the lodging. ESS provides D.O.E. approved executive protection training in cities around the country. Tampa, Orlando, Detroit, Chicago, Raleigh, Charlotte, Dallas, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, with more on the way. If you are looking for the very best executive protection training to kick-start your career in protection industry. ESS Global Corporation.
If you are a company that would like security training for your protection people, or employees trained in various disciplines such as Situational Awareness for instance, we will come to you, wherever you are. Not G4S, Not Pinkerton, Not Securitas. ESS Global Corporation.
There is Only One Security Company that has a D.O.E. approved curriculum that covers Executive Protection as well as;

So if you are looking for the very best in close protection services, regardless of where you are, or where you are traveling to, or what the venue might be, there is only one security company to call. ESS Global Corporation.

If you need unequaled executive protection training, along with the best career options, there is only one security school to call. ESS Global Corporation.

This is ESS Global Corporation

There are many that say they are like us. But there is only ONE ESS Global.


What is Executive Protection?

What is Executive Protection and how does it differ from hiring a bodyguard? Executive Protection, also known as “Close Protection”, “VIP Protection” “Bodyguard” and “Personal Protection” refers to security measures taken to ensure the safety of VIPs or other individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their employment, celebrity status, wealth, associations or geographical location.
So while all these phrases seem interchangeable, there is no doubt from professional security-minded people that Executive Protection sits squarely at the apex of the protection industry.
what is executive protection
While there have been many Hollywood productions of bodyguard movies, showing fistfights, gunfights and car chases, even at the level of Executive Protection, the object is to avoid those situations, including the romance depicted in a certain Kevin Costner movie.

What is Executive Protection?

Now this is going to upset some people, but the facts are this. Most bodyguard trainers say they have Executive Protection Training, but it’s in name only. 

While the basic premise of a bodyguard goes back hundreds if not thousands of years, Executive Protection is a relatively new field. Executive Protection was coined in the 1970s by the United States Secret Service when they created the Executive Protection Service to guard visiting foreign dignitaries.

How Executive Protection Differs from Bodyguards for Our Clients

Even most bodyguards wonder “What is Executive Protection?” Why? Most bodyguards have never heard such words as Threat Assessment, Advance Tactics, Route Reconnaissance, Embus and Debus plans, Area Surveillance, Movement Safety, etc. These guys usually show up on the day of an event/gig and depend on physical deterrence. The problem with that is, there is usually someone in the crowd that no matter how big you are, they will still try something foolish. A lot of times, purposely, in an effort to get you to go hands on with them and then collect a payday in the form of a lawsuit or out of court settlement/payoff. Just ask Justin Bieber.
what is executive protection - the apex of the protection industry
If you are considering Professional Executive Protection for yourself, your family, or a group, either in the US or abroad, you’d best call a Real Executive Protection Company. We’d like you to consider ESS Global Corp, and here’s why. As one of only a handful of Department of Education licensed and approved Executive Protection Schools (and the only D.O.E. Approved Executive Protection School in Florida), we continually train Executive Protection Agents around the world and we keep the  very best students for our client protection projects in over 60 countries.  You owe it to yourself to call us.

How Executive Protection Training Differs from Bodyguard Training

Most folks who have paid for Bodyguard Training have never taken the D.O.E. Executive Protection Classes ESS Global offers such as;

In the protection industry, there is no “license”, no testing, and no boards in most states. Executive Protection is usually lumped into the same category as Security Guards or Private Investigation and has little to do with either. Yet we see training to earn your “certified protection specialist credentials” advertised online. Unfortunately, nobody is regulating these schools, training centers and trainers. Meaning, nobody regulates or monitors what is taught and who is teaching it. Anybody off the street could be teaching you false information and you are paying for it. So your “protection credential” is a piece of paper from the trainer and nothing more.
This is exactly where ESS Global Executive Protection School differs. We are licensed and our curriculum and instructors are all regulated and monitored by the D.O.E. And, only a few elite schools are D.O.E. approved and certified for executive protection.
Having a government certified protection school on your resume is a big plus, and a great way to get started.
In Summary, Executive Protection is more in line with Secret Service Protection, than taking phones and smashing them when Bodyguards are bewildered on how to handle a situation.

  • ESS Global - what is executive protectionSo if you are looking for the very best is security and protection for your company, yourself, or your family, you owe it to yourself to call ESS Global Corp.
  • If you’ve been “trained” before, you should call us and let’s talk about furthering your career.
  • Lastly, if you are considering a career in the Protection Industry, we’ll answer your questions, including “What is Executive Protection?” and we won’t feed you lies and misrepresentations.

That’s Our Promise to our students at the school, as well as our valued clients around the world.


Executive Protection Services Florida and More

At ESS Global Corp, we know that everyday situations in relatively safe locations are not necessarily totally risk free, and that incidents affecting personal safety can and do happen every day, either directly or indirectly, putting you at risk.
But we also know that you can rest assured with ESS Global Executive Protection Services. Our executive protection agents are trained in our own Florida Department of Education licensed facility in Tampa, which is the only Department of Education licensed Protection School in Florida (and one of only a handful nationwide).  Because of this, our agents can perform many functions that “armed chauffeurs” and “VIP transportation” companies have never even heard about, much less been trained on.

Executive Protection Services Florida and More

ESS Global personnel go through exhaustive executive protection training such as high risk defensive driving, logistical and travel planning, crisis management, emergency coordination, threat assessment, hand to hand combat, first aid and other disciplines that provide you with the safety and comfort you deserve.
When it comes to your security and the safety of your family, never accept “security” that compromises your protection by putting you in the hands of untrained personnel. Our close protection personnel are ideal for executives, executive teams, celebrities, athletes, politicians, musicians, dignitaries, and other individuals and families that need protection for an event, a venue, travel, a meeting, or 24/7, to protect privacy, family, careers and overall safety and well-being.
It can come out oexecutive protection services floridaf nowhere. A disgruntled ex-employee, an overzealous fan (or a drugged-out fan), stalking, someone who wants to make a name for themselves, or some other “unwanted attention”. Worse, it could lead to a physical confrontation or some other immoral interaction when you least expect it.
Be prepared. Hire ESS Global Corp.

Executive Protection Services Florida and More

ESS Global BodyguardsESS Global Corp Provides executive protection services throughout Florida. ESS Global also has a presence in cities across the US including Dallas, Chicago, Detroit, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.
Have a security need? Disappointed with your current protection? Have a question?


or email us at

Executive Protection in Florida and More

ESS Global Corp specializes in Executive Protection in Florida and more, with a presence in Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, West Palm beach and more.

Executive Protection in Florida and More

Being a corporate executive may not be as stressful as you may think, but it’s certainly dangerous. Or at least, that’s a reasonable conclusion based on the money companies spend protecting their top executives.
Executive compensation reports filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission over the past several years reveals how much companies spend to protect their top executives.
Oracle, spends about $2 million/year protecting Chief Executive Larry Ellison. Google spends over $500,000 protecting Chief Executive Eric Schmidt. Disney over $1 million for Mr. Eisner.
More and more frequently, large companies are accepting security expenditures as a necessary cost of doing business. Top executives are the company’s most valuable assets, and they need to treat them accordingly. In the Ford Annual Proxy Report they Ford states that, “the benefits of providing these programs outweigh the relatively minor costs associated with them.” Ford spends over $1 million a year protecting its top executives and members of the Ford family.

Executive Protection ESS Global Corp - On The Job
Executive Protection ESS Global Corp – On The Job

Executive Protection in Florida – ESS Global

An executive will contract with a security company such as ESS Global Corp to provide guards at their home, both for screening visitors as well as stationed around the perimeter and inside the property. And it’s not just corporate executives; politicians, celebrities, athletes, and more are hiring executive protection specialists.
The risks increase when people travel and even more so if that travel is outside the US, as is often the case with celebrities. Most hire additional manpower when they travel to high-crime countries. The executive protection guards use secure drivers, plan secure routes, and investigate cars, limos, even the corporate jet for potential security breaches such as unidentified luggage.
Agents scout out hotels, meeting rooms, restaurants, venues and more in advance.
“People need to remember”, says Theodore Billiris, CEO of ESS Global Corp, “everyday situations in relatively safe locations are not totally risk free. It doesn’t matter if the threat is planned or opportunistic. Incidents affecting personal safety, both directly and indirectly, can and do occur every day. This threat is heightened with travel outside the perceived safety of the home.”
ESS Global Corp clients benefit from:

  • Customized Risk Assessments
  • Close Protection Agent Availability Across The US, As Well As Globally
  • Secure Ground Transportation
  • Travel Planning and Protection
  • Private Aircraft Protection
  • Special Event Security
  • Venue Security and Protection

ESS Global Corp will take every precaution when it comes to protecting you, your family, and your property.  Our agents experience in this field is second to none.
Our solutions are tailored to your needs. Give us a call or drop us a line and find out more about the ESS Global difference.


Back to Basics! Really?

back to basics
So here we are again. Just when you think it wont happen to you, or you say to yourself, “I don’t know anyone that has had an accident. We all hear the stories and see all the pictures on the web, we even watch the videos of DEA agents actually teaching others on gun safety and yes you guessed it, BAM! A Negligent Discharge. I am in the camp, that does not believe you should call it an “accidental discharge” Really? Can accidents happen yes.! Like maybe if you drop a firearm and it goes off, or you are running from a bear and shooting at it blindly, and you accidentally kill a mocking bird. But when you reach for a firearm to handle it and you grab it incorrectly or haphazardly, that results in the discharge of the firearm that is NEGLIGENCE! You caused it! You failed to take the appropriate measures to ensure the safe handling of the firearm. Why am I writing this article, because a buddy of mine decided to discharge his pistol while in his vehicle where he, YES! You guessed it, he shot himself in the foot and through the floorboard of his car. In his words “I had an awkward grip on the gun and my ring finger slipped into the trigger guard and it went off.” I wanted to post his picture, but he threatened me with litigation if I did, so I just told him he would be the subject of our next post. So lets go through the basics once again.

  • 1) Treat all guns as if they are loaded!

This rule by itself does not completely keep you safe of negligence but it does set the tone as to how we treat a firearm and do not just assume the gun is unloaded. It must be treated with respect! Even when someone tells you it’s “Not loaded” Clear the firearm yourself!

  • 2) Do not point the gun at anything you do not wish to destroy!

At this point you have not verified weather or not the gun is loaded or not, so we will consider it loaded and keep it pointed either down at the ground or in the ready position. Not to the side, not in the air, keep it pointed DOWN!

  • 3) Keep you finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard until ready to shoot!

And here we are the number one rule that if followed no matter what else you do, the gun will not discharge. Hmmm, so basically the firearm is safe, until someone picks it up, and how that person handles it determines weather or not it stays safe.

  • 4) Know your target and what is beyond it!

So you have followed all the rules and now you are placed in the position to discharge your gun, either at the range or in a life or death situation, you must know what you target is and what is beyond it. What kind of backstop are you shooting at? Are there people behind your attacker? Always remember there is a lawyer behind every round that gets fired from your gun. And they want to know why it was fired and why it landed where it did. And you need to be able to articulate your thought processes as to why you discharged your gun, and why the bullets landed where they did.