IMG_5363In this course we will only focus on Threat Assessment and Security Advance tactics.  This course is designed for those who are new to the Executive Protection field or those who are working in it but want to refine their Threat Assessment and Security Advance skills.  Much of what is taught in this course is also taught in our Executive Protection training course only in this course we will put what is learned in the classroom into action.

You will be responsible for putting together a threat assessment and security advance of several different areas and then using your assessment to create a Security Brief which will be turned in by the end of the course.  This will include all route reconnaissance, site surveys, meetings with individuals of importance (i.e. Restaurant managers, hotel security, FBO security, etc) and anything else related to Threat Assessment and Security Advances. Before we release our students onto the streets to perform these operations, we will teach them how to perform such things up to industry standards.

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