At ESS Global Corp, we know that everyday situations in relatively safe locations are not necessarily totally risk free, and that incidents affecting personal safety can and do happen every day, either directly or indirectly, putting you at risk.
But we also know that you can rest assured with ESS Global Executive Protection Services. Our executive protection agents are trained in our own Florida Department of Education licensed facility in Tampa, which is the only Department of Education licensed Protection School in Florida (and one of only a handful nationwide).  Because of this, our agents can perform many functions that “armed chauffeurs” and “VIP transportation” companies have never even heard about, much less been trained on.

Executive Protection Services Florida and More

ESS Global personnel go through exhaustive executive protection training such as high risk defensive driving, logistical and travel planning, crisis management, emergency coordination, threat assessment, hand to hand combat, first aid and other disciplines that provide you with the safety and comfort you deserve.
When it comes to your security and the safety of your family, never accept “security” that compromises your protection by putting you in the hands of untrained personnel. Our close protection personnel are ideal for executives, executive teams, celebrities, athletes, politicians, musicians, dignitaries, and other individuals and families that need protection for an event, a venue, travel, a meeting, or 24/7, to protect privacy, family, careers and overall safety and well-being.
It can come out oexecutive protection services floridaf nowhere. A disgruntled ex-employee, an overzealous fan (or a drugged-out fan), stalking, someone who wants to make a name for themselves, or some other “unwanted attention”. Worse, it could lead to a physical confrontation or some other immoral interaction when you least expect it.
Be prepared. Hire ESS Global Corp.

Executive Protection Services Florida and More

ESS Global BodyguardsESS Global Corp Provides executive protection services throughout Florida. ESS Global also has a presence in cities across the US including Dallas, Chicago, Detroit, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.
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