There Can Be Only One

This is ESS Global Corporation

There are many that say they are like us. But there is only ONE ESS Global

Additionally, we are the only Executive Protection School in Florida that is approved by the VA to accept GI Bill Benefits.
There is only ONE ESS Global Corporation

There is Only One – ESS Global Corporation

“ESS Global Corporation provides education, training and consulting for commercial endeavors, government entities and the general public solely designed to enhance the safety and security of our communities. Our partnerships promote an unrelenting devotion to high standards of duty and courage. ESS Global Corporation accomplishes this mission through an unwavering dedication to deliver comprehensive security services to the communities we value and serve.”

There is Only One D.O.E Certified and Approved Protection School

ESS Global Corporation owns and operates the ONLY D.O.E approved Protection School in the state of Florida and only one of only a very few in the US. This is important for two reasons.

  • For Students – No government agency, other than the D.O.E. regulates or monitors what is taught and who is teaching it. Thus, anybody off the street could be teaching you, and you could be paying for false, misleading, inaccurate information. So the “protection credentials” you are handed at the end of the training, is simply a piece of paper from the trainer and nothing more. This is exactly where the ESS Global Executive Protection Training School differs. We are licensed and our curriculum and instructors are all regulated and monitored by the D.O.E., and, only a select few elite schools are D.O.E. approved and certified for executive protection training.
  • For Clients – Our D.O.E. certified protection school gives us the ability to assess our employees throughout the training process rather than assess them for the first time on a job, possibly your job! That can obviously be a liability issue. Unfortunately though, that’s how other security companies assess their employees as they don’t have any other way to do so. By the time it is realized that they do not have the skill set needed for this industry or they simply are not a good employee, it is too late! We, on the other hand, know before we ever place them on a job whether or not they have the necessary skills and will make a good employee.

There is Only One Global Security Agency That Owns a D.O.E Approved School

Of the handful of D.O.E. approved Protection Schools, not a single one of them are owned by a Global Security Company. Again, this is the only way to make sure the “Cream of the Crop” are hired by ESS Global for Executive Protection, Venue Security, VIP Transportation and more. The ones we don’t hire? They get jobs at other security agencies, maybe yours.

There is One Security Agency with a D.O.E Approved Protection Curriculum Operating Worldwide.

ESS Global Corp is the only Security Agency with a D.O.E Regulated School that has operated successful security projects in over 60 countries around the globe. ESS Global has protected executives, politicians, celebrities and other high net worth individuals globally on a regular basis. Not G4S, Not Pinkerton, Not Securitas. There is only one global security company with a D.O.E. approved protection curriculum. ESS GLOBAL CORPORATION.

There is Only One Security Company to Call for Church Security Training

ESS Global Corp has performed Church Security Training for thousands of churches and places of worship in over 50 countries. There is not one security company with as much church security experience or expertise as ESS. Not G4S, Not Pinkerton, Not Securitas. There is only one global security company to call for church security training. ESS GLOBAL CORPORATION.

There is Only One Security Company For Event and Venue Security

Planning an event? A Concert? A Race? A Festival? ESS Global has provided Event/Venue Security for crowds ranging from a few thousand to over a million. Who does the RNC call for conventions? ESS Global is a registered vendor of security for RNC conventions and events.  Grand Prix Formula One Race? Yep. Who handled the security for the Linkin Park Concert at Steinbrenner Field? Boys 2 Men? Not G4S, Not Pinkerton, Not Securitas. Need Event/Venue Security? ESS Global Corporation.

There is One Security School, and Only One D.O.E. Approved Protection/Security School That Comes to YOU.

Every protection school expects you to travel to them. NYC, DC, LA, wherever they are, you book the flight and the lodging. ESS provides D.O.E. approved executive protection training in cities around the country. Tampa, Orlando, Detroit, Chicago, Raleigh, Charlotte, Dallas, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, with more on the way. If you are looking for the very best executive protection training to kick-start your career in protection industry. ESS Global Corporation.
If you are a company that would like security training for your protection people, or employees trained in various disciplines such as Situational Awareness for instance, we will come to you, wherever you are. Not G4S, Not Pinkerton, Not Securitas. ESS Global Corporation.
There is Only One Security Company that has a D.O.E. approved curriculum that covers Executive Protection as well as;

So if you are looking for the very best in close protection services, regardless of where you are, or where you are traveling to, or what the venue might be, there is only one security company to call. ESS Global Corporation.

If you need unequaled executive protection training, along with the best career options, there is only one security school to call. ESS Global Corporation.

This is ESS Global Corporation

There are many that say they are like us. But there is only ONE ESS Global.