What is Executive Protection – What You Need to Know – ESS

What is Executive Protection and how does it differ from hiring a bodyguard? What you need to know before hiring an executive protection specialist. What is Executive Protection – What You Need to Know – ESS There is a difference between bodyguards and executive protection strategies. Executive protection (EP), also known as close protection, refers […]

Executive Protection Security Services - Worldwide - ESS

Executive Protection Security Services – Worldwide

Executive Protection Security Services – Worldwide – When it comes to your security and the safety of your family, choose ESS. Executive Protection Security Services For clients that require more than simple security, ESS Global offers the ultimate in personal, professional executive protection security services. Our highly trained close protection expert conduct detailed threat assessments that […]

Bodyguard Services in Florida - ESS Global Corp

Bodyguard Services in Florida

Bodyguard Services in Florida – Executive and VIP Protection – Employee Termination – VIP Transport – Close Protection in Florida. Bodyguard Services in Florida Personal and Family Protection goes by many names – Executive Protection, Close Protection, Bodyguard, VIP Protection and many more. In essence, they all represent the same idea. That is to identify […]

Why Families Hire Close Protection

Here’s 5 reasons why families hire close protection; Safety, Security, Lifestyle, Risk Mitigation and Privacy. ESS – Real security for the real world today. Why Families Hire Close Protection To the average person watching TV or a Hollywood movie, close protection is often seen as a “perk” of the “rich and famous”. It’s not. No […]

Security Guard Services In Orlando

ESS Global Corp provides security guard services in Orlando and throughout Florida. Additionally, we also provide Close Protection and Bodyguard Service. Security Guard Services In Orlando Security Guard Services in Orlando – Armed and Unarmed – Business Security, Neighborhood Security, Event Security, Venue Security and Executive/ VIP Protection from ESS Global. Security Guard Services in […]

Executive Protection Services in Florida

ESS Global Corp offers executive protection services in Florida. Choose the company that has provided close protection and bodyguard services in over 60 countries. ESS Global Corp. Executive Protection Services in Florida At ESS, we specialize in providing executive protection services in Florida and beyond. ESS provides bodyguard services and close protection specialists for corporate […]

Bodyguards in Tampa

Bodyguards in Tampa, Orlando, Miami and More

At ESS Global, we know Florida Security. If you need bodyguards in Tampa, or anywhere in Florida, the US or globally, your best call is ESS Global Corp. Bodyguards in Tampa, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Miami and More If you are looking for bodyguards in Tampa, or really anywhere outside of the Hollywood/LA area, you […]

bodyguard service in florida

Bodyguard Service in Florida

ESS Global Corp offers professional executive protection and bodyguard service in Florida. For the best in personal close protection, call ESS Global. Close Protection/ Bodyguard Service in Florida ESS Global personnel go through exhaustive executive protection training such as high risk defensive driving, logistical and travel planning, crisis management, emergency coordination, threat assessment, hand to hand […]

Executive Protection and Business Protocol - how case gets unraveled

Executive Protection and Business Protocol

Recently we mentioned how intertwined executive protection and business protocol/ etiquette are. Today we look at a specific example that is all too common. Executive Protection and Business Protocol One of the important aspects of executive protection is how improper business protocol and etiquette can impact an executive protection assignment. And we bring this up […]

Florida Close Protection Services

ESS, headquartered in Tampa, provides Florida Close Protection Services. We offer VIP Transportation and Event Security throughout Florida and the US. Florida Close Protection Services Close Protection is sometimes known as Executive Protection or Bodyguarding, Close Protection revolves around protecting people, their possessions and in some cases their property;  whether it’s from criminals, terrorists, trouble-makers […]

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Tampa Bodyguards – ESS Global Corp

Tampa Bodyguards, Clearwater Bodyguards, Florida Bodyguards, Nationwide Bodyguards – The ESS Network can protect you anywhere and everywhere. Tampa Bodyguards / Close Protection Service ESS Global Corp, a recognized leader in global security and executive protection, is headquartered in Tampa, Florida. ESS also operates the only Executive Protection School in Florida that is approved by […]

Close Protection in Florida and More

ESS Global, a leading executive protection and security firm, offers close protection in Florida and throughout the world. Executive Protection – Close Protection in Florida Today, the world has changed immensely as it relates to Executive or Close Protection from just 10 to 20 years ago.  Agents and bodyguards are smarter and much more professional […]

Employee Termination Security – Tampa, Orlando Florida

ESS Global Corporation provides Employee Termination Security in Tampa, Orlando and throughout Florida. It’s that time of year. The holidays cause plenty of stress. It’s also the time of year many companies take a look at their budget. The vast majority of organizations run on a calendar year budget, and the year-end coincides with the […]

Orlando Executive Protection, Celebrity Security – ESS

If you are seeking Orlando Executive Protection, Celebrity Security, or any other security service, here are 5 reasons to call the Global Leader in Security, ESS Global Corp. Orlando Executive Protection, Celebrity Security and Bodyguards – ESS International Protection – Sure, we love to work in Florida, it’s our backyard. So we know the lay […]

Bodyguard Services Florida and More

At ESS Global Corp, our bodyguards have undergone special D.O.E. licensed training in the situations arising around executives, entertainers, athletes, politicians and diplomats.  Our agents have various military and law enforcement backgrounds combined with advanced tactical training to give the principal the very best imaginable protection against threats to safety and well-being. If for any […]

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VIP Transportation Florida

Google VIP Transportation Florida and you’ll see a list of limo companies with chauffeurs that have not been schooled in Close Protection, Evasive Driving Techniques, Venue Recon, Embus and Debus Planning, and other necessary protection practices that help ensure a safe and stress-free trip. That’s a job for ESS Global Corp. ESS knows how important […]