An Inside Look at Executive Protection

Terror attacks in the US, terrorist bombings in the UK, and kidnappings in South America have focused a spotlight on executive/celebrity close protection, both here and abroad. But more often, it’s a political activist, an overzealous fan or a disgruntled ex-employee trying to force his way into the CEO office. It’s more often these “less […]

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Executive Protection Services – ESS Global Corp

ESS Global Corp provides Executive Protection Services in Florida and throughout the US and abroad. Executive Protection Services – ESS Global Corp Depending on your lifestyle or profession, seemingly everyday situations are not always totally risk free. Whether the threat is planned or opportunistic, incidents affecting personal safety can and do occur every day. VIP’s, […]

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Executive Close Protection Services in Florida

ESS Global Corp is a full service security firm providing executive close protection services in Florida and Worldwide. ‘Executive Protection’ is a phrase that conjures up images of bodyguards and highly trained professionals protecting executives, celebrities, politicians and other VIPs from danger on the road, at their home, and at their place of work. Executive […]

Back to Basics! Really?

So here we are again. Just when you think it wont happen to you, or you say to yourself, “I don’t know anyone that has had an accident. We all hear the stories and see all the pictures on the web, we even watch the videos of DEA agents actually teaching others on gun safety […]

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Where’s Your Head At?

So you are all high-speed now, you have a 1.75 inch belt, desert tan ball cap with Velcro patch. You have Sabre Red Pepper, tactical knife, and you’ve mounted torches to your waist; one in the front and a tactical back up in the rear! Remember what your instructor said during training: “two is one, […]

Which Defensive Tactics Work Best?

This is a question that defensive tactics experts and instructors have debated and continue to debate. But, in reality, the answer is simple. I don’t care what defensive tactics or martial arts discipline you train in or feel that you have mastered, the answer is the same. ALL experienced executive protection agents will agree that […]

Be a student of everyone you can!

There are training courses where you lay foundations and then there are courses where you actually put walls up and hang drywall. Now if you know anything about building a house, you will know that building walls and hanging drywall secures and holds the home together. We have learned over the years that diversifying you’re […]

Executive Protection falls under Class D security, Good or Bad?

At ESS Global Corp, much like the rest of the Executive Protection and Security industry, we are eagerly awaiting the day when Executive Protection will have its own license. No more wondering if you need a C, D or any other letter in the alphabet license that there is. For years, industry professionals have been […]