ESS, headquartered in Tampa, provides Florida Close Protection Services. We offer VIP Transportation and Event Security throughout Florida and the US.

Florida Close Protection Services

Close Protection is sometimes known as Executive Protection or Bodyguarding, Close Protection revolves around protecting people, their possessions and in some cases their property;  whether it’s from criminals, terrorists, trouble-makers or the attentions of over-zealous fans. Much of the work in Close Protection is about developing ways to mitigate risks for that particular client and the environment in which they are in. The main purpose of Close Protection is to establish and maintain a safe environment in which a Principal (the person being protected) can live and work, all while we continually minimizing risk to themselves and their family/loved ones.

Only the Very Best

Your Close Protection Operative(s) are carefully handpicked for their specialist skills. Many operatives derive from a military or law enforcement career. Our operatives undertake a stringent selection process that no other protection company in Florida has access to.
ESS Global Corporation also runs the ONLY Executive/Close Protection School in Florida that is certified and approved by the Department of Education. This gives us a unique edge in hiring the very best for our Florida Close Protection Services because we have already seen them in action. Additionally, we conduct extensive background checks, criminal record checks and also all CPO’s are asked to sign confidentiality agreements to ensure our 100% discreet service is maintained. ESS only select operatives/agents whose professionalism is squarely at the forefront and those who are able to integrate well into their clients’ lifestyle or routine.
It is our intention to be unnoticed when we are there, but to be missed when we are not.

ESS has successfully protected individuals in over 60 countries. Some of our Florida close protection services;

  • Residential/Estate/Office

motorcade training in TampaThe protection of your residence, work-place or temporary accommodation such as a hotel, is an integral part of our Close Protection. No individual should feel vulnerable in their own home, but unfortunately, being in the public eye and/or enjoying wealth and success, attracts a certain level of threat and unwanted attention.
Celebrity home break-ins are a growing trend and the safety of yourself and your family should be at the forefront. All our services are executed with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. After conducting a full security review, including a risk assessment, ESS will create a security package tailored exclusively for your requirements. Our residential security teams are all highly trained and vetted Close Protection agents, who will provide you and your family with the piece of mind, security and protection to be able to go about daily life without unnecessary interruption. This can include, rapid-response, perimeter patrols, covert security, maritime security, facility/venue security and much more. Speaking of venues….

  • Venue/Event Security

JobHistoryOur role is to ensure that your privacy is maintained at all times and always to the highest CP/EP standards. Red carpet, VIP and premier events, concerts, speaking engagements and more are no exception. ESS Global Agents will ensure that fans/press/paparazzi is kept within a distance that you require, and your safety with public interaction is maintained at all times. With ESS Close Protection Security Personnel, each individual trip is meticulously planned by an advance crew and executed to your exact requirements.

  • Business Trips 

Corp travel - ESS florida close protection servicesA high net-worth individual, company executive or business owner needs a trusted Close Protection / Executive Protection agency to look after their every need. ESS Global picks its own agents after a stringent training process and diligent background checks, ensuring all our personnel are vetted to the highest standards. For business clients wanting a service from home to any location in the world, ESS Global will manage this entire process and ensure you are brought back safe and sound. Once we understand your needs we will coordinate and manage this entire process for you.

  • Vacations/Shopping/Night on the Town

Orlando Executive Protection and Celebrity Protection Florida Close Protection ServicesWhether you (and your family) are embarking on a business trip, personal vacation or short breather, ESS can deliver the very best close protection security services to you and your party, at any international location. It may be a specialized shopping trip, night out at a high class restaurant, a trip to a top casino, or more. Your requirements will be discussed prior to the event and a detailed execution will be carried out to fit seamlessly with your time frames.

  • Day to Day Conduct

The management and day to day handling of your personal security and safety is paramount. We engage with our clients to understand day to day movements and engagements in and around locations in the US and worldwide. Your requirements will be tailor made to your needs and a full consultation will be undertaken at every stage. Your safety is paramount.

  • Family Safety and Protection

Executive protection training in Cleawater - ESS Global - Florida close protection servicesWe understand that your family is your number one priority, and with ESS Global we can ensure that they are our number one priority as well. Whether it is delivery to and from school, work, or a regular daily route, we will make sure that your loved ones have the benefit of a full security chaperon service. Invest in a secure lifestyle and feel safe in the knowledge that security for your loved ones is our top priority.
ESS Global Close Protection in Florida, the US and around the world. 
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Whether you’re an executive going across town, across the country, or around the world, you can count on the professionals at ESS Global Corp to get you there and back in safety and comfort. Our agents are D.O.E. trained security ageESSnts who have protected executives from Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, professional athletes, politicians and high net-worth clients all over the U.S. (and in over 60 countries) who literally trust us with their lives.
With ESS Global, no job is too big. But we also know no job is too small, because if it’s important to you, it’s important to us.
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