Florida Close Protection Services

ESS, headquartered in Tampa, provides Florida Close Protection Services. We offer VIP Transportation and Event Security throughout Florida and the US.

Florida Close Protection Services

Close Protection is sometimes known as Executive Protection or Bodyguarding, Close Protection revolves around protecting people, their possessions and in some cases their property;  whether it’s from criminals, terrorists, trouble-makers or the attentions of over-zealous fans. Much of the work in Close Protection is about developing ways to mitigate risks for that particular client and the environment in which they are in. The main purpose of Close Protection is to establish and maintain a safe environment in which a Principal (the person being protected) can live and work, all while we continually minimizing risk to themselves and their family/loved ones.

Only the Very Best

Your Close Protection Operative(s) are carefully handpicked for their specialist skills. Many operatives derive from a military or law enforcement career. Our operatives undertake a stringent selection process that no other protection company in Florida has access to.
ESS Global Corporation also runs the ONLY Executive/Close Protection School in Florida that is certified and approved by the Department of Education. This gives us a unique edge in hiring the very best for our Florida Close Protection Services because we have already seen them in action. Additionally, we conduct extensive background checks, criminal record checks and also all CPO’s are asked to sign confidentiality agreements to ensure our 100% discreet service is maintained. ESS only select operatives/agents whose professionalism is squarely at the forefront and those who are able to integrate well into their clients’ lifestyle or routine.
It is our intention to be unnoticed when we are there, but to be missed when we are not.

ESS has successfully protected individuals in over 60 countries. Some of our Florida close protection services;

  • Residential/Estate/Office

motorcade training in TampaThe protection of your residence, work-place or temporary accommodation such as a hotel, is an integral part of our Close Protection. No individual should feel vulnerable in their own home, but unfortunately, being in the public eye and/or enjoying wealth and success, attracts a certain level of threat and unwanted attention.
Celebrity home break-ins are a growing trend and the safety of yourself and your family should be at the forefront. All our services are executed with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. After conducting a full security review, including a risk assessment, ESS will create a security package tailored exclusively for your requirements. Our residential security teams are all highly trained and vetted Close Protection agents, who will provide you and your family with the piece of mind, security and protection to be able to go about daily life without unnecessary interruption. This can include, rapid-response, perimeter patrols, covert security, maritime security, facility/venue security and much more. Speaking of venues….

  • Venue/Event Security

JobHistoryOur role is to ensure that your privacy is maintained at all times and always to the highest CP/EP standards. Red carpet, VIP and premier events, concerts, speaking engagements and more are no exception. ESS Global Agents will ensure that fans/press/paparazzi is kept within a distance that you require, and your safety with public interaction is maintained at all times. With ESS Close Protection Security Personnel, each individual trip is meticulously planned by an advance crew and executed to your exact requirements.

  • Business Trips 

Corp travel - ESS florida close protection servicesA high net-worth individual, company executive or business owner needs a trusted Close Protection / Executive Protection agency to look after their every need. ESS Global picks its own agents after a stringent training process and diligent background checks, ensuring all our personnel are vetted to the highest standards. For business clients wanting a service from home to any location in the world, ESS Global will manage this entire process and ensure you are brought back safe and sound. Once we understand your needs we will coordinate and manage this entire process for you.

  • Vacations/Shopping/Night on the Town

Orlando Executive Protection and Celebrity Protection Florida Close Protection ServicesWhether you (and your family) are embarking on a business trip, personal vacation or short breather, ESS can deliver the very best close protection security services to you and your party, at any international location. It may be a specialized shopping trip, night out at a high class restaurant, a trip to a top casino, or more. Your requirements will be discussed prior to the event and a detailed execution will be carried out to fit seamlessly with your time frames.

  • Day to Day Conduct

The management and day to day handling of your personal security and safety is paramount. We engage with our clients to understand day to day movements and engagements in and around locations in the US and worldwide. Your requirements will be tailor made to your needs and a full consultation will be undertaken at every stage. Your safety is paramount.

  • Family Safety and Protection

Executive protection training in Cleawater - ESS Global - Florida close protection servicesWe understand that your family is your number one priority, and with ESS Global we can ensure that they are our number one priority as well. Whether it is delivery to and from school, work, or a regular daily route, we will make sure that your loved ones have the benefit of a full security chaperon service. Invest in a secure lifestyle and feel safe in the knowledge that security for your loved ones is our top priority.
ESS Global Close Protection in Florida, the US and around the world. 
Questions on our Florida Close Protection Services? Give ESS Global a call today.
Whether you’re an executive going across town, across the country, or around the world, you can count on the professionals at ESS Global Corp to get you there and back in safety and comfort. Our agents are D.O.E. trained security ageESSnts who have protected executives from Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, professional athletes, politicians and high net-worth clients all over the U.S. (and in over 60 countries) who literally trust us with their lives.
With ESS Global, no job is too big. But we also know no job is too small, because if it’s important to you, it’s important to us.
Have Questions on ESS Florida Close Protection Services? Email or Call us, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.



Orlando Executive Protection Training

If you are looking for Orlando Executive Protection training, or “D” or “G” classes in Orlando, come talk to the leader in Global Security, ESS Global Corp.
Florida Commissioner Adam Putman With ESS Global Corp
The entire security industry is growing exponentially, both nationally and here in Florida. Whether you’re looking to start an exciting new career as an armed or unarmed guard, Executive and Close Protection (Bodyguard) or you’re just furthering your protection education, ESS Global has the classes you need to obtain the licenses that Florida requires.
Why ESS? ESS Global Corp is the only protection school in the state of Florida licensed by the US Department of Education. This offers you a level of training no other security training organization offers. ESS Global is also Approved by the VA to accept GI Bill Benefits.

Orlando Executive Protection Training

Unarmed “D” Licensing for Florida Security Guards
Our unarmed “D” Florida security guard classes are offered in both Orlando and Tampa. During class, you’ll learn about subjects such as confrontation management and the Florida legal codes.  Why not learn from the best?  ESS is always on the lookout to hire qualified candidates to cover upcoming contracts.
Armed Security Guard “G” Licensing Courses
Armed security licenses require Florida “G” license certification here in Florida. You’ll leave with knowledge of handgun safety and marksmanship.  If you simply need to renew your armed “G” security license, ESS has renewal classes available as well.
Executive Protection/Bodyguard Training
ESS Orlando Executive Protection TrainingOur Orlando Executive Protection Training classes are the industry’s gold standard. The experienced instructors at ESS Global Corp know exactly what you need to learn quickly and they work with you to develop the skills you’ll need to be an effective close protection agent. At ESS Global, our primary goal is to pass down our real world knowledge from our own field experiences to our students, in an effort to best prepare them to work as a professional in the Executive Protection and Bodyguard Industry.
ESS Global Corp also offers Advanced Executive Training, as well as Threat Assessment TrainingMotorcade Operation, “D” and “G” Florida Certification Training, Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP) Training, Advanced Defensive TrainingTacticalGun Safety TrainingFirst AidCPR Training and more.


Email: info@essglobalcorp.com


Orlando Executive Protection, Celebrity Security – ESS

If you are seeking Orlando Executive Protection, Celebrity Security, or any other security service, here are 5 reasons to call the Global Leader in Security, ESS Global Corp.

Orlando Executive Protection, Celebrity Security and Bodyguards – ESS

Orlando Executive Protection and Celebrity Protection
International Protection – Sure, we love to work in Florida, it’s our backyard. So we know the lay of the land with regards to Orlando Executive Protection, Celebrity Security and Bodyguard Services. But it’s important to note that with international security projects in over 50 countries, the “global” in ESS Global Corporation is for real.  If you are headed out of the country, we are prepared to keep you safe every step of the way.
Bodyguard Recruitment– Most every close protection companies will tell you they hire former military special ops, retired Secret Service agents, law enforcement, and the like. Sure, and we do as well. But ESS Global also has an edge that absolutely no other company in Florida has. As a matter of fact, only a select handful in the US have this same edge.
orlando executive protection training
Choosing The Best– Fact: ESS Global Corporation also runs a Close Protection School. ESS Global Corp is the only Protection School in the state of Florida that is licensed and approved by the US Department of Education. This is a well-known fact in the security business. So the best candidates know where to go to get world class training. And we get to see those agents every day during training, offering positions to the best of the best in each and every class, providing a consistent level of quality, awareness and skills that other security companies never attain because they never know the agent’s skill set until they are out in the field. In the Close Protection industry, that can be dangerous.
Celebrity Bodyguards– ESS has protected celebrities, athletes, public speakers and individuals from all walks of life across the US and throughout the world. So whether it’s the red carpet in Los Angeles, a venue in Las Vegas, a business meeting in Chicago, a concert in Detroit, a promotional event in Dallas, a speaking engagement in Orlando, or a photo op in Tampa, we have you covered.
ESS - VIP Protection in Florida
Executive Protection – ESS Global personnel go through exhaustive executive protection training covering topics such as high risk defensive driving, logistical and travel planning, crisis management, emergency coordination, threat assessment, hand to hand combat, first aid and other disciplines that provide you with the safety and comfort you deserve. Our agents can perform many functions that “armed chauffeurs” and “VIP transportation” companies have never even heard about, much less been trained on.
So if you are looking for Orlando Executive Protection, Celebrity Security, or any other security service, Call ESS Global. We know Florida Security because we are Florida Security.




VIP Transportation Florida

Google VIP Transportation Florida and you’ll see a list of limo companies with chauffeurs that have not been schooled in Close Protection, Evasive Driving Techniques, Venue Recon, Embus and Debus Planning, and other necessary protection practices that help ensure a safe and stress-free trip. That’s a job for ESS Global Corp.
VIP Transportation
ESS knows how important it is for you to get to your destination both safely and in a timely manner.  It is for these reasons that all of our agents are trained and well versed in motorcade operations and tactics. Each member of our team has been trained in defensive and evasive driving tactics as well as additional training at other agencies. The ESS Global promise is to get you to your destination not only safely, but comfortably as well.
Once we know the destination, we will take all the necessary measures to ensure that your travel goes by without the slightest mishap. Many hours will go into planning your travel.  Our team will advance all possible routes and then choose what they believe to be the best possible routes for where it is that you want to go.  This is determined by many different factors that we take into account so that you don’t have to worry and wonder, you simply enjoy your ride.
Not only do we take the time to choose the best route for you, but we will also put together embus and debus plans to make certain that you safely enter and exit your vehicle at each destination.  As in our Executive Protection and our Venue Security, we leave nothing to chance.
ESS Global Corp is a licensed provider of Secure Transportation and Protective Services for executives, media personalities, professionals and families, ensuring that you and your loved ones are safe and secure. Whether transporting and protecting executives, politicians, celebrities or your family, our team has the experience and expertise to offer a broad array of safe, secure, reliable, and discrete transportation and close protection services. Whatever the situation you are in, or the situation you are trying to avoid, we can help you.

  • Secure VIP TransportationExecutive Protection 2
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Executive Protection
  • Close Protection/Bodyguard Services
  • Threat Assessment
  • Personal Protection
  • Sporting Events
  • Estate Security
  • Concert Venue Security
  • Airport Service
  • Social Events
  • Restaurants/Clubs

Whether you’re a Florida executive going across town, across the country, or around the world, you can count on the professionals at ESS Global Corp to get you there and back in safety and comfort. Our agents are D.O.E. trained security agents who have protected executives from Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, professional athletes, politicians and clients all over the U.S. who literally trust us with their lives.
With ESS Global, no job is too big. But we also know no job is too small, because if it’s important to you, it’s important to us.
VIP Transportation and Security Questions? Email or Call us, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.
Email us info@essglobalcorp.com 


An Inside Look at Executive Protection

Terror attacks in the US, terrorist bombings in the UK, and kidnappings in South America have focused a spotlight on executive/celebrity close protection, both here and abroad. But more often, it’s a political activist, an overzealous fan or a disgruntled ex-employee trying to force his way into the CEO office. It’s more often these “less than headline grabbing problems” close protection deals with.
Are you considering a job in the fast growing Close Protection Bodyguard field? Or perhaps you are considering hiring a Close Protection Specialist. ESS Global would like to give you an inside look at Executive Protection.
ESS Global Corp is one of just a handful of Close Protection Schools nationwide that are Department of Education certified and licensed and is the only Close Protection School licensed by the State of Florida. ESS is also one of the nation’s largest Close Protection Service Agencies with active agents in cities across the country.
We thought we would take a moment, track down CEO Theo Billiris and look “behind the curtain” and answer some of the more common questions both our students and clients ask us, and share this with you.

An Inside Look at Executive Protection

  • What is the very first step in executive/close protection?

Get licensed in the state in which you reside and get certified at a reputable Executive Protection School. Licensed schools, such as ESS, are preferred as both our students and our clients can rest easy in knowing that the school has been and continues to be monitored and regulated by the D.O.E. On top of that, all instructors and curriculums are evaluated yearly.

  • What are the advantages of having a personal bodyguard? Why do celebrities and top business or political icons keep bodyguards?

Protection obviously, but even more so, convenience and making life easy. Example: when you have an Executive Protection agent, they take care of all planning on trips. Choosing hotels, restaurants, etc. and perform all security checks at those places. Then, when you arrive, you don’t have to worry about checking in or waiting for service. It’s already done. You don’t have to worry about how to get from place to place. The route recon is already complete. You just sit back and enjoy the trip. Leave the details to us.

  • What is the client expectation vs real life?

1396894931_525528_399695380063718_182174211_nWell the biggest thing is they believe that when they have you, they can go and do “whatever” and expect that nothing will happen to them. The best clients understand that we are there to keep them safe, which sometimes means heeding our advice/threat assessments and not going to some places they want to go.
Also, we often see that since nothing bad happens they start to think they don’t need us. The only reason nothing bad happens is because of what we do that they don’t see. Successful Close Protection leans strongly on threat assessments and security advances that they never witness.

  • Are there “cardinal rules” to follow?

Confidentiality. The best Close Protection Agents never become too familiar or comfortable – always remember they are client, not a friend.

  • Describe a “Typical Assignment”Executive Protection 3 - ESS Global Corp

Every assignment starts with a client interview/profiling. We learn about the client and their expectations. Next, we conduct a security advance of where we will be going. This includes site surveys and threat assessments of all places we will visit on the trip. We also conduct route recon on all possible routes between venues. Lastly, putting everything we learned from our advance team and putting it into play on the day of the detail. On that day we will protect the client and create an experience for them that was easy and relaxed.

  • What are the little things that make a difference?

At ESS Global, it’s our attention to detail. It’s important to really know your client, and that comes from our experience in the initial interview and our “Client Profile” setup. Do they like a certain drink or snack and having that in the vehicle or hotel room before they enter. Also, learning to remain professional and staying composed even if the client acts irrationally or becomes angry with you. Actually, that’s a big thing.

  • Do you use surveillance equipment?
    EP is really not like this
    EP is really not like this

Yes we do. For obvious reasons, we need to be discrete here, but yes, we use state of the art surveillance and tracking devices. It also gets more complicated when we are contracted with protecting the family. Sadly, sometimes the best and easiest target is a family member.

  • Do you carry weapons all the time?

No, we are only armed when requested by our client. It’s really quite different than it’s portrayed in the media.

  • What sets ESS apart from the rest?

It’s the fact that we are a D.O.E. licensed school as well and have the ability to choose the best students for employment because we are able to assess them through the schooling process. Most other companies who hire from other “trainers” don’t get to assess them until they are working. This can obviously become a liability.

  • Lastly, was there ever a time when quick thinking saved the day?

Everyday! Clients change their minds by the minute. You really have to be able to think dynamically in the moment. There is always a solution.  There is always somebody that knows how to get what your client wants. “No” or “I can’t” is never an option.

There is a Difference

Theo Billiris CEO of ESS Global Corp: “We find that most of executive protection companies send out an off-duty policeman with a gun. What you need to understand is if there was some sort of semi-planned attack, these guys would be of no value, or worse, dead. There was no recon, no planning, no preparation, no game plan in place, just an off-duty cop and a gun. That’s really not Executive Protection, it’s an off-duty officer. There is a big difference.”
ESS Close Family ProtectionExecutive Close Protection has changed over the last 10-15 years.  Agents are smarter and much more professional in contrast to the stereotypical 300 pound man with the mind and intellect of a child.  ESS agents have been D.O.E. trained and continue to train as they perfect their craft.  Our agents come from vast backgrounds such as Military, Law Enforcement, Government Agencies and Executive Protection schools just to name a few.  With this array of various backgrounds, we are able to put together protection teams that will fit and fulfill your specific security need.
ESS Global Corp is headquartered in Tampa, Florida. D.O.E Executive Protection Classes are also offered throughout the year in Tampa and as far away as Los Angeles. If you are looking to change careers and be the best and train with the best, we’d love to talk.
If you’re considering hiring an EP agent give us a call. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.