If you are looking for Professional HOA Security in Tampa, Clearwater or St Petersburg,  ESS Global Corp is the leader in Homeowners Association Security.

HOA Security Tampa

HOA Security Tampa
As portrayed in TV and movies, “Neighborhood Security Guards” conjures up an image of an upscale, gated community with a guard sitting in a gate house, feet on the desk lazily waving you by, only to get back to reading a newspaper or magazine.
The reality is vastly different. 
Homeowner association (HOA) security has arrived for the masses.  Community police budgets have been stretched to the limit, neighborhood police patrols are now a thing of the past and residents are looking for ways to make their neighborhood safer. Police are now “reactive” not “proactive”.
A homeowners association creates an opportunity for its members to benefit in many different ways. By collecting monthly dues, its members can afford many services that an individual wouldn’t otherwise enjoy. Far and away, one of the most valuable services is the protection of life and property.
HOA Security serves as a deterrent for criminals, but it can also enforce your homeowner association’s rules and regulations including parking enforcement, access control, and common areas. Apartment, condominiums and multi-housing properties are popular for intruders because of amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, spas, recreational facilities, parks, and playgrounds. These amenities are often found on the edges or outskirts of the property which make them harder to supervise or secure.
ESS Global HOA Security TampaESS Global Corp HOA Security Tampa, Clearwater, St Petersburg

  • Responsive security officers
  • Armed and Unarmed
  • Trained Security Officers, many with military and law enforcement backgrounds.
  • Trained at the only state-licensed Protection School through the Florida Department of Education
  • Far greater visibility than traditional law enforcement to deter criminal activity
  • More strategic and effective vehicular and foot patrols

And most importantly, ESS Global Corp offers peace of mind for both management and residents.
HOA Security Tampa - Experience is Key
Good security is not an accident; it is an integration of several related concepts, actions, and engagements which tend to be mutually supporting.
Convincing criminals to move on is a good step. Some things are easy, for instance locking doors. Some things are more difficult, that’s when you hire a firm that has HOA experience. The idea is to get started stacking the odds in your favor. Just knowing the most common security mistakes is a beginning. Often even little improvements can help you sleep more peacefully at night and let you enjoy an evening out without worrying if your possessions will still be there when you get back home.

Experience is Key

If you read an article on how to build a house, if someone puts a hammer or saw into your hand, that doesn’t mean you can build a house. Likewise, unless a security company has HOA experience, why would you consider them?
For a free security analysis call the HOA security experts at ESS Global Corp. ESS management is happy to meet at any time with association, neighborhood and community board/committee meetings.