HOA Security Tampa

If you are looking for Professional HOA Security in Tampa, Clearwater or St Petersburg,  ESS Global Corp is the leader in Homeowners Association Security.

HOA Security Tampa

HOA Security Tampa
As portrayed in TV and movies, “Neighborhood Security Guards” conjures up an image of an upscale, gated community with a guard sitting in a gate house, feet on the desk lazily waving you by, only to get back to reading a newspaper or magazine.
The reality is vastly different. 
Homeowner association (HOA) security has arrived for the masses.  Community police budgets have been stretched to the limit, neighborhood police patrols are now a thing of the past and residents are looking for ways to make their neighborhood safer. Police are now “reactive” not “proactive”.
A homeowners association creates an opportunity for its members to benefit in many different ways. By collecting monthly dues, its members can afford many services that an individual wouldn’t otherwise enjoy. Far and away, one of the most valuable services is the protection of life and property.
HOA Security serves as a deterrent for criminals, but it can also enforce your homeowner association’s rules and regulations including parking enforcement, access control, and common areas. Apartment, condominiums and multi-housing properties are popular for intruders because of amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, spas, recreational facilities, parks, and playgrounds. These amenities are often found on the edges or outskirts of the property which make them harder to supervise or secure.
ESS Global HOA Security TampaESS Global Corp HOA Security Tampa, Clearwater, St Petersburg

  • Responsive security officers
  • Armed and Unarmed
  • Trained Security Officers, many with military and law enforcement backgrounds.
  • Trained at the only state-licensed Protection School through the Florida Department of Education
  • Far greater visibility than traditional law enforcement to deter criminal activity
  • More strategic and effective vehicular and foot patrols

And most importantly, ESS Global Corp offers peace of mind for both management and residents.
HOA Security Tampa - Experience is Key
Good security is not an accident; it is an integration of several related concepts, actions, and engagements which tend to be mutually supporting.
Convincing criminals to move on is a good step. Some things are easy, for instance locking doors. Some things are more difficult, that’s when you hire a firm that has HOA experience. The idea is to get started stacking the odds in your favor. Just knowing the most common security mistakes is a beginning. Often even little improvements can help you sleep more peacefully at night and let you enjoy an evening out without worrying if your possessions will still be there when you get back home.

Experience is Key

If you read an article on how to build a house, if someone puts a hammer or saw into your hand, that doesn’t mean you can build a house. Likewise, unless a security company has HOA experience, why would you consider them?
For a free security analysis call the HOA security experts at ESS Global Corp. ESS management is happy to meet at any time with association, neighborhood and community board/committee meetings.



Florida Security Guards Tampa, Pensacola and More

ESS Global Corp offers the very best Florida Security Guards Tampa, Orlando, Tallahassee and throughout Florida.

Does Your Business Need Security Guards?

ESS Global Event Security

Or is your current security service not quite working out as well as you had hoped?
At ESS Global Corp, we realize you work hard to maintain your business or organization, so why not make sure it is as protected as it can be?  Yes, insurance would cover if there was any kind of robbery or break-in, but that is a major business disruption and why let it get to that point?
We understand that not every business or store is located in the best community.  We also understand that sometimes completely unexpected break-ins and violence happens in even the “safest” of Florida communities.
The world is unpredictable, is your business prepared for unexpected threats?

Florida Security Guards Tampa, Orlando, Pensacola and More

We offer professional security guard services in Tampa, Orlando, Ft Myers, Pensacola, Tallahassee, Panama City and throughout Florida.  This includes armed or unarmed security guards, uniformed or plainclothes, surveillance, employee and customer close protection, and much more. 
If you’ve been wondering what’s going on when you’re not there, or worried about a suspicious group that’s been hanging out in the parking lot after dark, let us do the wondering and worrying for you, so you can focus on what’s important; your business.
ESS Global Corp security guards protect businesses, institutions, organizations, government entities, churches, homeowner associations, and private neighborhoods.  We protect at public events, private parties, corporate functions, employee terminations and more.  You can rest assured as ESS Global Corp has security guards with extensive law enforcement backgrounds, military experience, and extensive professional training.
We know exactly what measures need to be taken to keep your property, employees, and customer’s safe at all times.
Our solutions are tailored to your needs. Give us a call or drop us a line and find out more about the ESS Global difference.



Security Guard Services In Orlando

ESS Global Corp provides security guard services in Orlando and throughout Florida. Additionally, we also provide Close Protection and Bodyguard Service.

Security Guard Services In Orlando

Security Guard Services in Orlando – Armed and Unarmed – Business Security, Neighborhood Security, Event Security, Venue Security and Executive/ VIP Protection from ESS Global.

Security Guard Services in Orlando – Armed (G) and Unarmed (D)

Security Guard Services in Orlando - D and G ESS Global provides armed and unarmed Security Guards in Orlando to business and organizations of every type; Banks, Housing Authorities and HOA’s, Construction Sites, Offices, Corporate Security, Organizations, Churches, Businesses, Event Security, Venue Security, 24-Hour Businesses and more. ESS even provides (HOA) neighborhood security.

And, here at ESS Global, our Security Guards are trained for the two required Florida security guard licenses (D,G) at our own school here at ESS and it’s the only security school in the state of Florida that is certified and approved by the Florida Department of Education for security training.
So the next time you think about security guard services in Orlando, think “it’s all about the training”.

Because it is.

Event and Venue Security in Orlando 

Security Guard Services in Orlando - ESPN Event
Security Guard Services in Orlando – On Security Detail at ESPN Event

When it comes to event security in Orlando, ESS Global Corp has the experience you require to see your next event goes smoothly. From conventions to concerts, races, festivals, corporate functions and more, ESS is your first choice for event security in Orlando.
We have developed a variety of security solutions which are designed to help you host an event that is safe and secure for everyone involved.
ESS Global Corporation security officers will be trained on the details specific to your event and the location in which it is held. With our primary focus on customer service, your guests and patrons get the most of what you have to offer, all while working with you to help identify specific security risks for your event and how to best mitigate them.
Let ESS Global help you with your event planning and implementation so you can focus on all the other important details of your event.

Executive Protection Services in Orlando – Close Protection

Bodyguard Services in Orlando
At ESS, we specialize in providing executive protection services in Orlando and beyond. ESS provides bodyguard services and close protection specialists for corporate executives, VIP’s, or anyone in the area who is looking to stay safe while attending an event, or even just visiting Florida. We also provide safety consulting services, such as vulnerability assessments and secure VIP transportation.
ESS Global Corp clients benefit from:

  • Customized Risk Assessments
  • Close Protection Agent Availability throughout Florida, The US, As Well As Globally
  • Secure Ground Transportation
  • Travel Planning and Protection
  • Private Aircraft Protection
  • Special Event Security
  • Venue Security and Protection

So when thinking about Security Guard Services in Orlando, think about the leader in Florida Security; ESS Global Corp.

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Security Guards in Tampa – Armed and Unarmed

Security Guards in Tampa – Armed and Unarmed – Business Security, Neighborhood Security, Event Security, Venue Security and More from ESS Global.

Armed and Unarmed Security Guards in Tampa

security guards in TampaESS Global Corp, a leader in security services in over 60 countries, provides professional Tampa Bay Security Guards in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg and the surrounding area for commercial, government, educational and non-profit entities.
ESS Global provides armed and unarmed Security Guards in Tampa to business and organizations of every type; Banks, Housing Authorities and HOA’s, Construction Sites, Offices, Corporate Security, Organizations, Churches, Businesses, Event Security, Venue Security, 24-Hour Businesses and more. ESS even provides neighborhood security.

Why Hire Security Guards in Tampa and the surrounding area?

  • Security – The very presence of a security guard at a business can provide peace of mind and a sense of security to business owners, employees and customers.
  • Prevention – Simply having a security guard present is the best deterrent to crime. A security guard is a much greater visual deterrent than either camera surveillance or a standard security system.
  • Training – ESS Security Guards are trained to look for suspicious activity on the spot. They can assess a situation and react to security accordingly as trained.

Your Best Choice For Armed And Unarmed Security Guards in Tampa – ESS Global

D.O.E. Trained security guards in tampaAt ESS Global, our Tampa Bay Security Guards are trained for the two required Florida security guard licenses (D,G) at our own school here at ESS and it’s the only security school in the state of Florida that is certified and approved by the Florida Department of Education.
So the next time you think about security guards in Tampa and the surrounding area, think “it’s all about the training“.

ESS - the best security guards in TampaBecause it is.

If you are looking for Security Guards in Tampa; Go to the Source. ESS Global Corp.

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Employee Termination Security – Tampa, Orlando Florida

ESS Global Corporation provides Employee Termination Security in Tampa, Orlando and throughout Florida.
It’s that time of year. The holidays cause plenty of stress. It’s also the time of year many companies take a look at their budget. The vast majority of organizations run on a calendar year budget, and the year-end coincides with the need to achieve year-end numbers.
Firings and layoffs are always stressful. With workplace violence and aggression escalating, the stress of the holidays, and companies wanting to start the new year off fresh, it’s a recipe for a potential problem.
ESS- Experts in Employee Termination Security
Most managers deal with the unpleasant task of terminating an employee at some point. Whether or not the employee is expecting the termination, there is always a chance of violence, aggression or retaliation from the terminated employee. Even employees who seem to handle the termination well may try to sabotage the company or individual staff members.  ESS Global recommends that you take the same precautions with every terminated employee to avoid unexpected problems.

These Employee Termination Security safety tips protect the physical workplace, the property of the company and the physical well-being of employees.

  • Ask another manager or some other company representative, as well as professional security to stay in the room when the employee is terminated. This provides a level of security and can help diffuse anger toward the immediate supervisor.
  • Call your building security to either accompany you or stay close on standby in case the termination turns threatening or violent. If your inclination is that the employee may react violently and you don’t have building security, consider hiring security personnel temporarily. It’s a small investment for safety on all sides. 
  • ESS employee Termination Security Escort the employee to her desk or office to retrieve her personal belongings. Have a person in a supervisory role, preferably with security at all times, in order to ensure that they don’t steal or damage company property or threaten other employees. 
  • Collect all items issued by the company that could give the employee access to the building, including items such as security badges, parking permits and keys/fobs. 
  • Escort the employee to the door. Watch the employee leave the premises. If you have security people in the parking lot or inside the building, provide a description of the employee’s vehicle and personal appearance so they can watch for the employee if they attempt to return. If you hire temporary security, they will know to stick around for a bit. Most everyone cools off, the tinderbox is the day of the termination. In most cases of workplace violence, it happens the same day as the firing. 
  • Announce the termination to other employees so they can be on alert if the terminated employee comes back to the building. Remind them not to share any company information with the terminated employee or any other people who aren’t currently employed by the company. Avoid going into the details if they aren’t relevant to the situation to protect the privacy of the employee.

While such an event is not easy on the individual being fired, it is also difficult on the employer having to fire that individual.  Unfortunately, this process often leads to a verbal, and in some cases, physical altercation.  We offer our services in an effort to prevent these altercations from happening and we ensure both parties part ways amicably.  We have operated in several different capacities during this process.  We can be in the room while the process takes place and ensure that there are no altercations between the parties, we can be in the room with the employee and conduct the business ourselves or we are there to escort the employees off property or to their vehicles to ensure safety for both sides.

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