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Security Guard Services in Florida – ESS Global Corp

Having a comfortable feeling of security is something that every person is entitled to. While sometimes it’s easier to guarantee security at home, a person still needs to feel safe no matter where he or she is when out of the house. Whether it’s going for a stroll some evening in one’s neighborhood or attending church. It could be attending a high school football game, or a concert venue to hear your favorite artist. People shouldn’t have to worry about their safety and security. In these types of environments, personal security can be greatly enhanced by the presence of a professional security service.
Neighborhood and HOA Security PatrolsHOA Neighborhood Security - ESS Global Corp
Going for a walk after dinner is something that many people like to do. However, some people are afraid to undertake this walk activity after certain hours due to the fact that they’re worried about how secure their neighborhoods are. When that happens, a personal sense of security is diminished or even completely lost. If, however, these same neighborhoods, HOA’s and apartment complexes are monitored by our highly trained professional neighborhood security guard service, this can give residents the peace of mind that they need in order to feel comfortable going out at any time of the day or night. It’s a small investment for both safety and protection of property.
Workplace Security
Being productive at work depends on a number of different factors, but one important factor is feeling a sense of security and safety. Employers can do a great number of things to increase this sense of safety, such as issue ID cards and perform comprehensive background checks. However, many employers don’t understand that they can ensure that employees are safe in other ways, for instance, when they are traveling to their vehicles from the office building, or when an employee is terminated (or keeping that employee from coming back for trouble).  When relying on a professional security services they can ensure that employees feel completely secure when they are entering, working, and exiting their office buildings with an affordable investment.
Churches and Non-Profits
Washington_(Georgia)_Presbyterian_ChurchChurch violence is rising. Thousands of times a year violence happens within the walls of a church or religious center.  Although the government does not track church violence, news reports put the figure in the tens of thousands over the last 15 years and deaths at nearly 500. ESS Global Corp can either provide faith-based security during church events or administer world class training that keeps your people prepared.
Venue SecurityVenue Security - ESS Global Corp
When thousands of people get together to attend a game, visit an attraction, or take in a concert, safety is the last thing on their minds. Venue security is critical to a successful event.  ESS Global Corp works with entertainment, sports, and meeting management in venues all over the world to ensure that the venue security is robust and effective.
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