When considering executive protection schools, there are some key factors to look for, and others to avoid. Get the facts on Executive Protection Training.

Executive Protection Schools

What to look for…

While many executive protection schools tout the “certifications” you will receive upon completion of the training, ask yourself “what certifications does the school have?”
executive protection schools

Executive Protection Schools – School Certifications

Part of the difficulty in the bodyguard/ close protection/ executive protection industry is in most states, there are no licensing or oversights involved. In short, this means anyone can “teach” anything. Maybe even teach practices that are inherently dangerous given there is no state governance.
So is there any oversight?

D.O.E. Certifications and Approvals

executive protection schools - certificationsThere are but a very few elite schools that have taken the time and expense to get approved by the Department of Education. After all, we are talking about Executive Protection Schools. So that makes it makes sense for the D.O.E. to be involved, since they oversee “schools”.
ESS is the only Executive Protection School in Florida that is certified and approved by the Florida Department of Education. What this means is someone has reviewed our courses and our trainers. Every year, we spend days with a D.O.E. team from Tallahassee. We do this for you. so that you know someone has approved what we are teaching and who is teaching it.

Federal Certifications and Approvals

Even folks who have never served in the military have heard of either the Veterans Administration or the GI Bill® for college or vocational training.
executive protection schools - VA Approved to accept GI Bill BenefitsIt should be no surprise that the Federal Government is very strict on what qualifies as a “school”, especially in the case of Executive Protection Schools. This process is strict and takes years to get approved.
ESS is the only Executive Protection School in Florida that is certified and approved by the VA to accept GI Bill Benefits. And again, we are one of the very few executive protection schools in the nation approved by the VA.

Real World Experience

Possibly one of the biggest issues you will face when looking for executive protection schools is “are they active in the industry”.
Why is this important? Well, you know the old adage? “Those who cannot do teach?”
executive protection schools - VA Approved to accept GI Bill BenefitsIt is extremely important when searching for executive protection schools, to research your school and your instructors. Make certain that not only have your instructors worked in the Executive Protection industry, but they are active in it now! Remember, the Executive Protection industry is evolving rapidly, especially in the corporate world and Executive Protection changes just like any industry.
If you are planning on attending a school where the instructor is the same person instructing for the last 20-30 years, you may want to find out how many jobs they have worked in those last 20-30 years. We are willing to bet you will be surprised.
ESS Global uses proven methodology, derived from protective security operations and security consulting in over 60 countries around the world.  These operations have been conducted in threat environments ranging from “negligible” to “imminent”.

Other Security Courses

Lastly, a real “school” has more than one or two courses. ESS Global Corp has a full slate of security courses in Tampa including;
Executive Protection Schools - Other Security Courses

ESS - The Best Choice in Executive Protection SchoolsIf you are serious about entering the world of Executive/ Close Protection, doesn’t it make sense to choose a school that is serious?