Now we prefer the term Executive Protection, but here are some tips to consider when choosing a bodyguard school.

Choosing a Bodyguard School

It’s no small secret, the better the training, the better your chances are for employment. It’s true in every career choice.
So how do you choose?


A good place to start is asking people in the industry. If that’s not possible, then Google and Facebook reviews and the Better Business Bureau are good starting points. Now you can’t please 100% of your customers, but the positive reviews should outweigh the negative.
choosing a bodyguard schoolPart of the difficulty in the bodyguard/ close protection/ executive protection industry is in most states, there are no licensing or oversights involved. In short, this means anyone can “teach” anything. Maybe even teach practices that are inherently dangerous given there is no state governance.
There are no state tests, boards, or certifications. Unlike therapeutic massage, or diving, or CPR, or dozens of other certifications you can get with training. What you get when you are all done with executive protection training, even from us, is a piece of paper and nothing more. There are no Federal or State “EP Certifications”.
Though we are not required, we are the only Executive Protection School in Florida that is certified and approved by the Florida Department of Education. What this means is someone has reviewed our courses and our trainers. Every year, we spend days with a team from Tallahassee. We do this for you. so that you know someone has approved what we are teaching and who is teaching it


Choosing a bodyguard school - ESSOver the past decade, many schools and universities have gone “online”. While we have no doubt that that is a viable option if you are taking accounting courses, it certainly doesn’t apply to Executive Protection.
So it’s likely you may have to travel. While many of our classes are held in the Tampa Florida area, we also take it “on the road” to cities such as Charlotte, Raleigh, Chicago, Detroit, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Dallas and more.
If you are serious about a career in personal protection, learn at a school that is serious.


Virtra Simulator for active shooter in ESS Executive Protection TrainingIn our research, Executive Protection Training 3-day courses tend to run from $350 to a high of $1500.
What we have done here at ESS Global, is to stay clear of the “fluff” and instead help you build a solid foundation in the world of close protection. This 3-day training even makes use of the only VirTra Simulator here in Tampa Florida and 1 of only 2 pubic installations in the entire country for “active shooter training”. 
ESS Global Corp 3-day Executive Protection Training is $500. And if you are a Veteran, we have payment options available.

Choosing a Bodyguard School – What to Watch Out For

  • Schools that promise jobs or work
  • Schools that promise “Executive Protection Specialist” certifications.
  • Schools that don’t offer any other coursework

Which reminds us…
Here are some of the other D.O.E. Approved courses ESS Global offers;

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