There is only one bodyguard school in Florida that has been registered, certified and approved by the Department of Education as a Bodyguard Training School, ESS Global. What this means to you is you receive the most comprehensive, highest quality Bodyguard and Executive Protection training available in Florida. Additionally, there are only a handful of bodyguard schools in the nation that are D.O.E. certified, so you’ll have access to some of the best training in the nation.

D.O.E. Approved Bodyguard Training SchoolFlorida’s Only D.O.E. Approved Executive/Close Protection Bodyguard Training School is ESS Global Corporation

Now combine the D.O.E accreditation with personalized training from some of the top rated protection experts in the country. Instructors that have completed client protection assignments in over 60 different countries. Bodyguard trainers that have protected public speakers, politicians, celebrities and other high net worth individuals. Throw in some retired military security experts and now you have a bodyguard training school program that few other organizations and “schools” can match.
These D.O.E. certifications are recognized as the industry standard for Bodyguard/Executive Protection and Corporate Security training. Employers know the rigorous D.O.E. standards and seek out our graduates.
The ESS Global Corp top-rated Executive Protection/Bodyguard Course will teach you the principles of becoming a professional VIP Bodyguard in today’s rapidly growing security world.
To be at the top of your game and increase your marketability, ESS also has an Advanced Executive Protection Course as well as;

ESS Global BodyguardsIf you are ready to take control of your life, The ESS Global Corp “All-in-One” Mega-Course is a 300 hour fast track program that takes you to elite status in the protection industry in record time.
300 Hours. 14 Certifications.
Simply put, if you are serious about a career in the Executive Protection/Bodyguard industry, consider choosing a bodyguard training school that is serious about protection. ESS Global Corp.

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