If you are looking for an Orlando protection school for executive protection, close protection, celebrity protection, bodyguard protection or protection training going by any other name that a protection “school” may offer, know that ESS Global Corp is bringing Florida’s only U.S. Department of Education approved and licensed Protection Training to Orlando.
Florida Commissioner Adam Putman With ESS Global Corp
So if you are in or near the Orlando area, and have been thinking of entering the lucrative protection industry, you no longer need to travel to Tampa to receive the most up-to-date, comprehensive D.O.E. protection training available. If you are searching for an Orlando Protection School, we urge you to choose wisely. 
ESS Global also knows that nearly every close protection training company will tell you they hire former military special ops, retired Secret Service agents, law enforcement, and the like as trainers. Sure, and we do as well. But ESS Global also has an edge that absolutely no other company in Florida has. As a matter of fact, only a select handful throughout the US have this same edge.
orlando protection schoolESS Global Corp is the only Protection School in the state of Florida that is licensed and approved by the US Department of Education. Additionally, our D.O.E status is a well-known fact in the security business. So the best candidates know where to go to get world class training. Plus, we get to see those agents every day during training, offering choice positions to the best of the best in each and every class, providing a consistent level of quality, awareness and skills that other security companies never attain because they never know the agent’s skill set until they are out in the field. In the Close Protection industry, that can be dangerous!
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Now combine the D.O.E accreditation with personalized training from some of the top rated protection experts in the country. Instructors that have successfully completed client protection assignments in over 60 different countries. Bodyguard trainers that have protected public speakers, politicians, celebrities and other high net worth individuals on a regular basis. Throw in some retired military security experts and now you have a bodyguard training school program that few other organizations and “schools” can match.
ESS Global BodyguardsThese D.O.E. certifications are recognized as the industry standard for Bodyguard/Executive Protection and Corporate Security training. Employers know the rigorous D.O.E. standards and seek out our graduates.

You owe it to yourself to call us toll free, because if you are seriously looking for an Orlando Protection School, you need to talk to someone that takes it seriously. ESS Global Corp.

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