holiday security in st. petersburg clearwater
ESS Global Corp provides holiday security in St. Petersburg Clearwater because for business owners, the holiday season brings security concerns for every type of business, big or small, service or retail. The significant increase in customers does wonders for your bottom line and generates brand awareness that can lasts well into the new year. But there is a darker, more ominous backside to the holidays, because with these benefits comes the need to hire additional employees as well as adding additional security.

Holiday Security in St. Petersburg Clearwater

ESS Global Corp has been providing holiday security in St. Petersburg Clearwater for all types of merchants, both small businesses and the national chains. Here are some of the major challenges we help you overcome.
Customer Shoplifting and Employee Shrinkage – With these increased massive crowds, stores of every kind and size, both retail and service, are much more vulnerable to theft, especially in light of your staff being overwhelmed attempting to provide service to so many people. While regular employees may be loyal, you have seasonal help that also knows that come January, they won’t be collecting a paycheck or may be associated with organized crime. Employee theft skyrockets because there is so much activity for store owners, managers and supervisors to keep tabs on. While a security presence doesn’t guarantee that your holiday sales will be completely free of all shoplifting and shrinkage, a visible security force certainly helps deter unwanted activity.
Holiday security in st. petersburg clearater
Customer Safety and Crowd Control – Simply dealing with the larger crowds throughout the holidays is challenging. In addition, controlling the biggest crowds of customers all year, a security presence can help to ensure the safety and security of your customers. During the holidays the crowds are larger and the tempers are shorter. Hiring crowd control and venue crowd control security experts from ESS Global helps protect your employees and customers.
Discourage Organized Retail Crime –  Organized Retail Criminals go into high gear during the holidays. These people will take hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of your merchandise, are very hard to catch, require hours of your time, and sometimes be dangerous to for a store owner to detain. Everyone wants to catch these people. Organized retail crime is biggest animal on the shoplifting food chain.
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And it’s not just retail establishments. During the holidays public spaces get more and more crowded and concerns are often raised on security issues. Bars and restaurants as places for public gathering are particularly hard-hit. According to  a recent General Social Survey nearly 40% of crimes in commercial spaces last occurred in restaurants and bars. These holiday issues have the potential to impact not only victims, but also their families, friends, communities and society more broadly. Don’t let a holiday situation get out of hand and cause headaches that could last through the new year. Call ESS Global Corp today!
Hiring an ESS store security guard for holiday security in St. Petersburg Clearwater is a great way to help ensure everything runs smoothly through the holidays, and vastly reduces shoplifting and shrinkage. Just the act of having a visible security presence is enough to prevent many would-be shoplifters. ESS Security also helps control crowds and mitigate customer confrontations that help protect the safety and security of both your customers and your employees. Depending on the size of your business, it may be necessary to take on more than one security guard in order to ensure that the majority of your premises is under observation and surveillance.
ESSESS Global Corp provides holiday security in St. Petersburg Clearwater , and is a leading global protection and security firm.
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