While we are saddened by the recent terror attack. it’s important know that the ESS commitment to security protocols exceeds big business.

ESS Commitment to Security Protocols Exceeds Big Business

We are saddened and heartbroken over the recent terror attack in Orlando, and our thoughts and prayers are with the victims’ families and loved ones.
As it turns out, the terrorist was a G4S employee, so this shines a light on the security industry.
CBSOrlando - SS Commitment to Security Protocols is reporting that a co-worker at G4S reported Omar to his bosses multiple times for “angry, profane statements” against gay people, blacks, Jews and women, and that he “talked about killing people all the time”.  He now wishes he was more aggressive, having quit after Omar started harassing him.
Small Business vs. Big Business
Throughout America, small businesses compete with big business on a daily basis, whether you are a vacuum cleaner shop around the corner from Walmart, or a burger joint across from Red Robin, you win by doing things better.
It’s being reported that G4S saw nothing wrong in the terrorist’s standard background check. Sure, but what about the complaints from his co-workers? The interviews from the FBI in 2013? Lost in the bureaucratic shuffle of a company with over 600,000 employees.
There are many cases where a small business can react faster than a large business, simply because they can avoid the corporate red tape and endless layers of management that can’t make a needed decision without kicking it upstairs yet again.
Small Business in America succeeds because of the level of commitment they have for their employees and customers.
As a small business, ESS Global takes the extra steps needed to insure our employees uphold our mission, morals and values when providing security services and security training here in Florida and around the country.
ESS Global is committed to security protocols that exceed big business.