ESS Global Corp provides holiday store security in Florida because for small business owners, the holiday season can be a dream as well as a nightmare. The significant increase in shoppers does wonders for your bottom line and generates brand awareness that can last into the new year. But there is a dark backside to the holidays, because with these benefits comes the need to hire additional staff members as well as additional security.
Holiday store security in Florida
This holiday season as your store begins to fill up, dishonest shoppers and untrustworthy seasonal employees will see it as a more appealing place to take what they’d like without stopping to pay the bill. According to reports by Business News Daily, U.S. retailers are expected to lose over $9 billion dollars from crime this holiday season, mostly from employee theft and shoplifting.
U.S. retailers will lose $4.7 billion through employee theft, $3.8 billion though shoplifting and $400 million through vendor and distribution, according to a new study by the Center for Retail Research.

The losses will represent a 4 percent increase over the same period last year.

Holiday Store Security in Florida

Holiday store security in Florida
Obviously, a profit decrease is exactly the opposite of what you’d hope for the busiest quarter of the year. This is why setting a plan to manage the holiday season’s larger crowds will be crucial to the success of your holiday preparation efforts.
The top three product categories most likely to be stolen over the Christmas period are alcohol, women’s clothing and fashion accessories.
Other attractive targets for crooks and sticky-fingered employees are toys, perfume, health and beauty gift packs and electronic devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.
Also making the top 10 list for thieves are toiletries for men, DVD gift sets and game consoles, food and Christmas decorations, electrical goods including hardware and DIY, watches and jewelry, and chocolates and confectionery.

Theodore Billiris - ESS Global Corp
Theodore Billiris – ESS Global Corp

“The holidays are an attractive time for criminal activities,” according to Theo Billiris at ESS Global. “Thieves take full advantage of busy stores and distracted employees to steal. Retailers need to know that this is the time of year where they face a much bigger threat from professional and semi-professional thieves. The holiday shopping season is when organized retail crime flourishes. Worse, this time of year, the average amount stolen per incident, in much higher than ‘normal’ loss throughout the year.”
ESS Global Corp provides holiday store security throughout Florida. Call the experts in security and keep your holidays calm and profitable.