ESS Global Corp is pleased to announce our next Executive Protection Training in Tampa May 15-17 at our headquarters in Tarpon Springs.
Updated 02-09-17 2018 Calendar is up 
Also ESS Global Corp is now approved by the VA to accept GI Bill Benefits.

Executive Protection Training in Tampa

Having just completed an Executive Protection training where over half the students were law enforcement, correction officers and military special ops, we thought it would be a good idea today to announce our next D.O.E. Approved Executive Protection Training in the Tampa/ Clearwater Area is May 15-17, 2017.

Thinking of entering the world of personal protection?

Great. For an overview, read our detailed Executive Protection Training Guide.

What you need to watch out for.

executive-protection-training-in-tampaThe world of personal protection is exploding. Recent events throughout the world, especially here in the US, are causing ordinary citizens to take Situational Awareness (a class every EP agent should take), and high net-worth individuals such as celebrities, CEO’s, sports figures, and more, hire executive protection specialists for themselves and loved ones.
Consequently, many “schools” have popped up. Watch for claims such as…

“Get Certified in Executive Protection”

When choosing a facility for executive protection training, be alarmed when you see phrases like;

  • “Get your protection specialist credentials from ABC”
  • “Earn your certificate in executive protection at XYZ”
  • “We are the only school where you can earn 2 certificates in one training”

Know that no federal, state or government agency issues any “certificates” or “credentials”. Anything you get from anyone, including ESS, is a piece of paper and nothing more.

Executive Protection Training – Threat Assessment at ESS Global

While some ancillary EP training, such as baton or pepper spray, have ASP paperwork, in the protection industry, there is no “license”, no testing, and no boards in most states. Executive Protection is usually lumped into the same category as Security Guards or Private Investigation and has little to do with either.
Yet we see training to earn your “certified protection specialist credentials” advertised online. Unfortunately, nobody is regulating these schools, training centers and trainers. Meaning, nobody regulates or monitors what is taught and who is teaching it. Anybody off the street could be teaching you false and/or misleading information and you are paying for it. So your “protection credentials” at the end of the day is a piece of paper from the trainer and nothing more.
So beware Executive Protection Training “Schools” that talk about the “certifications” and “credentials” they have for you, more than they discuss their own school’s “certifications” and trainer “credentials”.
Know that no single school owns the basic concepts of Executive Protection.
Sure, we’ve seen websites where they have trademarks (TM) on common phrases like “certified protection operator” or “certified protection specialist” to make them look like their ideas are “official”. Just look at these with a grain of salt.
While some schools and instructors will try to give you the impression they invented, own or somehow refined EP skills all by themselves, the simple fact is that everyone in the EP industry has learned from someone before them.

Do The Research – Executive Protection Training in Tampa

executive protection trainingAt some point, anyone that wants to work in EP will need to attend a credible EP School. Here at ESS Global, we’ve spoke with ex-law enforcement, security guards, ex-military and more that heartily disagree with that statement. But when they attend our EP class they are in agreement. “I never knew any of that.”
The bottom line is there is no school, no facility, no instructor, that can teach you everything you need to know in 1, 3, 7, 15, 30 or 365 days.
It’s just not possible.
What you do need to do, to begin a career in EP, is you need to get a solid foundation. That is what matters most. Not a piece of paper. For a building to stand the test of time, it needs a foundation. It’s no different for Executive Protection Training. Down the road, you can focus on other specific training to further your career, depending on the path you take. But you need a solid foundation without the fluff.
ESS Global Corp Executive Protection Training
executive Protection training - the only D.O.E. Certified executive protection school in the state of FloridaAt ESS Global Corp, we are aware that there are competitors who state that they offer similar Executive Protection Training Programs. However, our Executive Protection School in the only protection training facility certified and approved by the Department of Education in the state of Florida (and one of just a handful that are D.O.E. certified across the country). This also means our trainers are approved by the D.O.E. as well.
ESS Global also uses proven methodology, derived from protective security operations, security consulting and of course, security training, in over 60 countries around the world. These operations have been conducted in threat environments ranging from “negligible” to “imminent”.
Virtra Simulator for active shooter in ESS Executive Protection TrainingIn addition to being the only D.O.E Certified Executive Protection School here in Florida, we are the only school offering active shooter training as part of our Bodyguard/Executive Protection training via the only VirTra Simulator here in Tampa Florida.  This is 1 of only 2 pubic installations in the entire country. It’s a close to real as you’ll ever get. And ESS Global is currently the only Executive Protection Training in the country utilizing this state of the art tool.

Why do we use it?

An ESS Graduate Protecting Taylor Swift

One critical component of a quality executive protection training is the ‘realism’ it provides. Real-world performance is often directly related to the realism and intensity of training. Said another way, the more realistic the training exercise, the more skills are transferable to a real-world situation. Thus, realism is critically important to any close combat tactical trainer. Threats during training – The stress of receiving return fire, can be safely simulated with the Threat-Fire in the VirTra simulator.

Executive Protection Training in Tampa

If you missed the last executive protection training in Tampa, you can access our calendar of events.