ESS Global Corp provides Executive Protection Services in Florida and throughout the US and abroad.

Executive Protection Services – ESS Global Corp

Depending on your lifestyle or profession, seemingly everyday situations are not always totally risk free. Whether the threat is planned or opportunistic, incidents affecting personal safety can and do occur every day. VIP’s, executives, celebrities, government officials, and others seeking specialized executive protective services, either short term or long term, hire ESS Global Corp close protection agents that are deployed individually or in teams to give you the protection that gives you peace of mind.
Our agents are experienced members of military, law enforcement, and government agency decent, and are specially trained by the only Protection School in Florida, and one of only a handful nationwide, that is licensed by the United States Department of Education. Their extensive background and D.O.E. licensed training gives them an unmatched depth of knowledge in dealing with executive protection.
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ESS Global Corp Executive Protection Agents keep our clients out of harm’s way. Trained in pro-active protection procedures that are designed to recognize, analyze, and neutralize threats before they become problems. Our agents are highly skilled in the areas of advance and logistics planning, threat assessment, crisis management, and emergency response. ESS protection professionals maintain confidentiality, sensitivity, and discretion; hallmarks of our company’s approach to personal protection. Conflict resolution, professionalism, discretion and above all sound judgment distinguish every ESS Global Executive Protection Agent.
ESS Global Corp Executive Protection Agents focus on preventing the incident from escalating. If an incident escalates to an extent where there is no other choice other than to use force to directly protect lives, our agents are very well trained to react only with the force that is necessary.
We offer a wide range of executive protection services and understand the nuances of working in a corporate environment. ESS Global specializes in mitigating risk and helping clients protect themselves, their families, physical property and financial value. Our security approach includes but is not limited to:

  • Executive ProtectionExecutive Protection 3 - ESS Global Corp
  • Celebrity Protection
  • Special Event – Venue Events
  • Emergency Services
  • Jewelry Escorts
  • Appearances/Speaking Engagements
  • ​Shareholder/Board Meetings
  • ​Physical Threats – Crisis Management
  • ​Downsizing/Hostile Terminations
  • National and International Travel Protection

More than just a bodyguard service, ESS Global Corporation provides strategy and planning along with reliable, comprehensive executive protection throughout Florida and the US, including Detroit, Chicago, Orlando, Dallas, Tampa, Los Angeles and Vegas.
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