ESS Global Corp is the world leader in church security training, training church personnel in over 60 countries. Church Security Training in Tampa June 25.

Church Security Training in Tampa June 25 – ESS Global

ESS Global Corp, based out of Tampa, offers a Church Security and Threat Analysis, Faith-Based Church Security Training, and Church Security Guards when warranted.
A JD Gallop poll found that “The number of deadly episodes at sanctuaries has soared over the last decade, and mass shootings at places of worship, schools, malls and movie theaters have left Americans feeling like it could happen anywhere.” That statement foretold the horrific shootings at a North Charleston Church last year.

Church Security Training in Tampa June 25

The agents that head up our Church/Mega Church Security division met while working on the security detail for world famous Evangelist Pastor Benny Hinn.  Their experience in this field is second to none as they have secured churches and services in over 60 different countries worldwide.  They have worked crowds in upwards of thousands, hundreds of thousands and even a million people in attendance.  The knowledge they have when it comes to Church Security cannot be matched.  They understand what it takes to secure the church, make the congregation and staff feel safe, while at the same time not disrupt the service.  This is a skill that is unique to ESS Global Agents who have served in such an atmosphere.
church security in tampa and around the worldThe ESS Global Corp Church Security Training in Tampa on June 25 is designed to pass our knowledge down to those who work security for their respective churches and help them create a security plan for their church.  Our experienced agents will come to your church and train your existing staff and put together a security plan specific to your church.  Since every church is different, each of our Church Security training courses will be unique as we tailor them to your needs and your setting.  We will work hand in hand with your staff to teach them how to properly secure your church building and your congregation during a service.  We will also help you implement a crisis plan should their ever be an occurrence during a service that requires immediate action.
Listed below are some of the items that we cover in our Church Security Training.

  • Locate drops for Pastor and family
  • Locate ingress and egress routes
  • Locate and establish hard rooms
  • Locate and establish positions for security staff
  • Establish and implement security plan for existing staff
  • Establish and implement crisis plan for staff and congregation

For pastors, priests, rabbis, religious leaders, teachers, and their staff members, security and safety should be on top of their minds. Churches, and other houses of worship face a unique set of security challenges and are all subject to crime and violence. Church Security and Safety should be a priority in all Churches and Houses of Worship. If not, security plans and improvements will not be made, leading to vulnerability, and when you least expect it, an event occurs.

Church Security Training in Tampa June 25

church security training in tampa june 25Far too often we hear in the news of violent acts or acts of terror occurring in churches.  And, when these acts occur, you always hear the same answers from the people that were in the church when they are interviewed.  They speak of the chaos that occurred and how they did not know what to do.  Don’t let this happen to your staff or your congregation.  It only takes one moment before a peaceful service can turn violent or even deadly.  The training that your staff will receive and then the knowledge and information that they will pass down to the congregation will not only prepare the church, but could possibly end up saving the lives of the Pastor, his family and the congregation and staff.
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Additionally, We offer a valuable Background Check Service for Churches and places of Worship. More details soon.
church security training in tampaThe church security training in Tampa is a full day, starting at our corporate office, then ending at your church. This is a valuable training for the pastor and staff.
$95 per person – call for discounts of over 5.

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