Black Friday is the far and away the biggest (and baddest) shopping event of the year, with total sales from brick and mortar establishments totaling over $13 billion on Black Friday alone in 2015. For retailers, you have the extra challenge of early opening times, crowd control, shoppers sleeping in tents outside, and long list of potential problems; shoplifting, shrinkage, trampling, brawls, customer confrontations and more. These issues are a headache that eat away at your profit margins. Worse, a major incident on your premises can lead to a lengthy legal battle and financial trouble long after the holidays are but a bad memory.

Black Friday Store Security in Florida

The Holiday Season is when your store is the busiest, the your associates are the most distracted, your fitting rooms and store shelves are the most disorganized, the crowd is more agitated and it’s the time of year the police are the busiest. All of this amounts to one of the most hectic and dangerous environments a store owner will ever see.
ESS Global Corp has been providing black Friday store security in Florida for merchants of all types. Here are some of the major challenges we help you overcome.
black friday store security in florida
Crowd Control and Customer Safety – Simply dealing with the crowds on Black Friday is a challenge. In fact, the majority of deaths and injuries incurred on Black Friday is either due to folks trampled in stampedes or affected by pepper spray. In addition, controlling the biggest crowd of shoppers all year come store opening time, an increased Black Friday security presence can help to ensure that your customers are safe and secure.
Customer Shoplifting/ Employee Shrinkage – With such massive crowds, stores of every kind are unusually vulnerable to theft, especially in light of your staff being overstretched trying to provide service to so many people. Sadly, employee theft is more active during the holidays as well. Not only with your regular employees, but the seasonal help that also knows that come January, they won’t be collecting a paycheck anyways. Employee theft skyrockets because there is so much activity for supervisors to keep tabs on. While a security presence doesn’t guarantee that your Black Friday sales will be completely free of any shrinkage, a visible security force certainly helps.
Hire security for Black Friday
Hiring an ESS store security guard for Black Friday is a great way to help ensure the day goes smoothly, and vastly reduces shoplifting and shrinkage. Just the act of having a visible security presence is enough to prevent many would-be shoplifters. Depending on the size of your business, it may be necessary to take on more than one security guard in order to ensure that the majority of your store is under observation and surveillance.
ESSESS Global Corp has been providing black Friday store security in Florida for years.
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