If you are looking for VIP Protection in Florida, go to the source. ESS Global in Tampa, is the only Florida Department of Education licensed Protection School in Florida. So where do you go for the very best in VIP, Celebrity and Executive Protection? ESS Global Corp.
All too often, we find that clients come to us when they discover “VIP Transportation” companies are nothing more than “armed chauffeurs” commanding pretty much the same rates as using real protection from ESS Global.

VIP Protection in Florida

ESS - VIP Protection in Florida Planning
ESS Global Corp knows that safety begins with proper planning. It is generally agreed that in order for an attack or any other disturbance to take place three conditions must exist; motivation, capability and opportunity. There’s not much we can do about a potential attacker’s motivation, and their capabilities are theirs alone. Those variables are out of your control and out of our control. What ESS Global can address is denying opportunity by using advance tactics and recon. By minimizing the opportunity, a close protection security firm can greatly minimize the chances of an attack or disturbance. This is where most all VIP Transportation companies fail.
The advance work should include everything from travel arrangements from the moment you disembark from the plane at the airport; to lodging, route planning, securing vehicles, securing permits and communication/monitoring gear, to tasks such as making sure any and all information is secure and details are not leaked.ESS - VIP Protection in Florida Planning is key
We realize that the unexpected happens. We train to be prepared for the unexpected. We also plan to prevent it. Those prevention plans are alien to most VIP transportation companies and those prevention plans are the “behind the scenes” work our clients never see. They just know that everything went well and there were no hang-ups, glitches or surprises.
ESS Global Corp provides VIP protection in Florida as well as secure transportation throughout Florida, and has a presence in cities such as Orlando, Dallas, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, as well as our corporate location in Tampa.
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