ESS Global Corp is the only Executive Protection / Bodyguard School in Florida licensed by the Florida Department of Education. Additionally, our course is the only licensed course in the state.
The security industry is growing exponentially, both nationally and here in Florida, and there’s no better way to be trained than by ESS Global Corp. Whether you’re looking to start an exciting new career or you’re just furthering your education, the ESS Executive Protection / Bodyguard course is the gold standard by which all others are judged.
ESS Classroom

Executive Protection / Bodyguard School in Florida

This course is intended for those who wish to pursue a career in the growing Executive Protection / Bodyguard industry. Those of you who are already employed in this field but want to refine and enhance your skills are welcome to see what you may have missed in a prior training. Our instructors are hand selected based on their years of experience and knowledge of the Executive Protection / Bodyguard industry.  Everything taught in this course is based on our instructors’ firsthand knowledge and real life experiences from out in the field.
This state licensed course takes an in-depth look at what it takes to be successful as an Executive Protection Agent or Professional Bodyguard. It will cover the basics as well as provide a sound foundation for anybody that completes our course to immediately be able to go out into the work force in this growing industry.  Aside from learning what true Executive Protection is, you will also be taught what duties will be expected of you and how to perform them efficiently and to industry standards.
Below is a list of several of the topics that are taught in the ESS Global Florida Licensed course.  The full course curriculum will only be disclosed to ESS Global Corp students.ESS Practical Training

  • Threat Assessment
  • Security Advance Tactics
  • Motorcade Operations
  • Walking Formations
  • Hand-to-Hand Tactics

This course is divided into classroom and practical training. So it will not only have a classroom aspect to it, but there will be a practical side where the students will actually learn in a hands-on environment how to successfully perform all the skills being taught in the classroom.
This course embraces the skills needed for high profile client protection: political candidates, public figures, celebrity, and business clients. Many of these public figures use protection commensurate with their rank or status in society. The course will teach how to deploy transport, how to limit or control public access, and how to provide a level of protection that only trained professions are capable of conducting.
ESS Global Close ProtectionESS knows that predictive intelligence is a central core of protective operations. This course emphasizes the importance of being able to analyze and respond appropriately to apparent and real threats. It will teach how to predict the intention to make contact with your client. Finally, the course will offer intervention strategies that cover the spectrum of options from protective measures, to legal restraint.
All of our students, upon completion of the course, will walk away with a certificate of completion proving that they have successfully completed Executive Protection training. More importantly, however, they will have the knowledge and skill set necessary to enjoy a successful career in the Executive Protection industry.
Please ask us about our group rates, private classes, referrals and discounts for: Veterans, current military personnel, law enforcement, firemen, EMT/paramedics and security officers with either D or G license.
Tuition: $500