Who should take situational awareness training? Security Guards, Office Workers, EMT/First Responders, Bodyguards, Bartenders, just about everyone!

Who Should Take Situational Awareness Training?

First, what exactly is Situational Awareness?

Situational Awareness is a term most often used military and law enforcement. Situational Awareness (SA) is a frame of mind in which you are more aware of your surroundings and are also aware of what (or whom) can be of help if a problem were to arise.

Example: A young man elects to walk the long way around the block to avoid a group of young males, being observant of a situation that may pose a threat.

Example: A woman woman walking through a bi-level mall sees someone on the upper level with unusual body language and a gaze that identifies him as a potential threat. Now she will be keeping an eye out while shopping, avoiding isolated areas of the mall and considers asking a security guard for an escort to her car.

Both these people are relaxed yet aware of their surroundings, practicing the 360 mindset of Situational Awareness Condition “Yellow”. This is the opposite of being oblivious to your surroundings in Condition “White”.

Don’t worry….it’s not a “paranoia” training, and even the F.B.I is recommending Situational Awareness Training. But your friends that spend all their time in Condition White may accuse you of being paranoid. You are merely following your new drive after training, to remain alert to your surroundings. You are now the person who runs “what if” scenarios through your mind. You now engage in what safety experts call “pre-incident visualization”.

Who Benefits? Who Should Take Situational Awareness Training?

Unless you never leave your locked home, situational awareness training is incredibly valuable. SA training is similar to learning to use a flashlight, highlighting the “right things” at the “right time”.

Ever Spend a Day with Law Enforcement?

The police are trained to scan his or her environment looking for suspicious evidence and activities.  Unless you’re a military veteran, the officer will probably notice things that you will be totally oblivious to: dirty license plates on a clean car, drug deals in progress, people dressed inappropriately for the weather, open liquor in passing vehicles, someone hanging around a closed business, etc.

In the ESS Global Corp Situational Awareness you’ll learn what gets through to your awareness and utilize it’s pertinence to whatever activity is current.

Example: If you are driving around an unfamiliar area looking for a place to eat, you will notice signs for restaurants, not auto repair shops. You will learn that what get through to your conscience and enters awareness is only what you care about, and what is useful for your current mental space.

Who Should Take Situational Awareness Training?

SA training is valuable to anyone and everyone, but is a necessary training for;

  • security guards
  • executive protection/close protection/bodyguards
  • store clerks
  • office workers
  • waitresses/bartenders
  • EMT/first responders
  • shelter workers
  • and anyone in contact with the general public

During the situational awareness course we will take you through an interactive training session, show you how to be more in tune with your environment and why Situational Awareness is so important.

This has real applications for nearly everyone, but more importantly, after training, you have a life skill.

And it’s not just for out in public! Over 80% of workplace accidents can be attributed to human error as one of the critical factors. Complacency and a lack of personal situation awareness are also contributing factors to nearly every workplace accident.

Additionally, nearly every threat to personal safety in public spaces can be mitigated with a good sense of situational awareness.

ESS Global Situational Awareness training methods will help you to understand why you need to be in tune with your environment in the workplace, in public, when you travel and even at home. This training focuses on “relaxed awareness” methodology.

Now The Good News

With some prodding from the D.O.E., ESS Global Corp, an approved D.O.E. Security Firm in Tampa, is holding a 3-4 hour (depending on class size and focus) Situational Awareness Training Saturday January 28th at 8 AM. A 3.5 hour training of this type typically runs $100-$200, but the D.O.E. Approved ESS Global Situational Awareness Training is just $75 for a limited time.

You read that right! $75! For less than a night out on the town, you can attend this potentially life-saving training and learn a skill that will last a lifetime!

Seating is limited – Sign Up Today!

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