Security Services in Tampa

Security Services in Tampa – Security Guards, Event Security, Close Protection, Employee Termination, and more. If it involves security, you can count on ESS Global.

Security Services in Tampa

Security Services in Tampa
From protecting electrical workers in Haiti, to baseball fans at Steinbrenner Stadium here in Tampa, to the RNC Convention, to school and church security and more, ESS Global is your source for profession security services in Tampa and the surrounding area.
ESS Global provides armed and unarmed Security Guards to business and organizations of every type; Banks, Housing Authorities, Construction Sites, Offices, Corporate Security, Organizations, Churches, Schools, Businesses, Event and 24-Hour Businesses. We even provide employee termination security neighborhood security and more including Executive and VIP Protection.
ESS Global Corp also protects at public events, conventions, private parties, corporate functions, difficult employee terminations and more.  You can rest assured as ESS Global Corp has security guards with extensive law enforcement backgrounds, military experience, and extensive professional training. We know exactly what measures need to be taken to keep your property, employees, and customer’s safe at all times.

Security Services in Tampa – ESS Global Corp Security Guards

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Security Services in Tampa Florida
Orlando Security Guards and Security ServicesESS Global Corporation runs the only security guard training school in Florida that is both monitored and certified by the Department of Education. We train our own guards on our D.O.E. approved school and then hire the very best. This is differs from most Security Guard Companies who tend to hire guards that have been trained by someone else and already have a “D” or “G” license.
This is what make ESS Global Security Guards different from other Tampa area security guard companies. We are licensed and our curriculum and instructors are all regulated and monitored by the D.O.E. Also, we employ the brightest and most capable Security Guards from these classes to place directly in your business. ESS Global takes the extra steps needed to insure our employees uphold our mission, morals and values when providing security services and security training here in Tampa Florida and around the countryIt makes a difference.

Security Services in Tampa – More Than Guards

Close Protection Services in Tampa

Security Services in Tampa Florida - close protection services“People need to remember”, says Theodore Billiris, CEO of ESS Global Corp, “everyday situations in relatively safe locations are not totally risk free. It doesn’t matter if the threat is planned or opportunistic. Incidents affecting personal safety, both directly and indirectly, can and do occur every day. This threat is heightened with travel outside the perceived safety of the home.”
ESS Global Corp clients benefit from:

  • Customized Risk Assessments
  • Close Protection Agent Availability Across The US, As Well As Globally
  • Secure Ground Transportation
  • Travel Planning and Protection
  • Private Aircraft Protection
  • Special Event Security
  • Venue Security and Protection

ESS Global Corp will take every precaution when it comes to protecting you, your family, and your property.  Our agents experience in this field is second to none.

If you have security concerns here in the Tampa area, call the experts here in Tampa. 

ESS Global


School Security in Tampa Bay Area

School Security in Tampa Bay. ESS delivers security to Tampa area schools, colleges, universities, medical facilities, residential communities and more.

School Security in Tampa Bay and the Surrounding Area

School Security in Tampa Florida - Protect Your Students
ESS Global specializes in a number of security services ranging from dignitary and celebrity protection, to armed and unarmed security for corporate, medical, stadium/ arena, and educational markets, to threat analysis and more.
And at ESS, our security services extend to over 60 counties, to businesses, neighborhoods and facilities right here in Tampa.  ESS Global — Global Experience with a Local Focus.
When you need professional proactive protection, ESS is all you will need.

School Security in Tampa – ESS Global Corp

The importance of providing vigilant professional school security services in educational facilities and on school campuses throughout Florida has never been higher.
Today’s security environment is complex and challenging. It demands more sophisticated tactics to help mitigate risks. At ESS, we offer customization to respond and adapt to your evolving security concerns. As a leading provider of protection and guard services to the most security and safety-conscious organizations, ESS Global has proven time and time again, that it has the ability to handle both the routine and the extraordinary with security performance excellence.
And we are saddened by recent school shootings. But if there is one thing we have learned recently, it’s that schools are among the softest of targets. And without a professional threat assessment with proactive security, classrooms can all to easily be targeted and exploited.

School Security in Tampa Florida – First a word about arming teachers

School Security in Florida - Professional School SecurityLately, there has been talk about arming teachers. Now you realistically can’t arm every teacher. We must assume some, if not many, would not jump at the opportunity to be trained in effective use of a pistol as it relates to self-defense.
But we do see value as a shooter would not know which classes are not armed. And that lingering doubt about which classrooms are “safe” to enter, may very well help keep evildoers away. And there is also some value as it relates to “last line of defense”.

With all that being said, it should never get to that point.

School Security in Tampa Area – Hillsborough, Pinallas

School Security in Tampa
Here at ESS Global, we have been providing professional security for stadiums, conventions, outdoor events, indoor events, churches, schools and more throughout Florida. And in many ways, these types of venue protection are similar to school campus security.
It begins with a detailed site survey combined with a professional threat analysis. From there, we offer solutions tailored to your specific needs.
At ESS Global Corp, we’re serious about the security of your students and staff. We offer comprehensive security solutions designed to help manage and prevent school violence, reduce risk and give your school community the peace of mind they deserve.
The importance of providing vigilant professional school security services in educational facilities and on school campuses throughout Florida has never been higher.

The Benefits of Professional School Security in Tampa and Throughout Florida

School Security in Tampa Florida - Football Games
Professionally trained security officers are a proven deterrent to incidences of school violence and help establish a safe and peaceful environment for both students and staff. Vandalism, theft, harassment, physical confrontations and more can all be quickly suppressed, if not outright eradicated, with the presence of professional armed or unarmed security officers.
The security specialists at ESS can work with you to create a customized plan that best suits your security needs. And our professional school security guards possess the skills and personalities to quickly adapt to a school’s culture as well as specific security requirements as they pertain to your situation.
By taking responsibility for the safety of your school, you will have done the best thing possible to reduce risk.