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If you are looking for bodyguard training in Raleigh, go one step further and enroll today in ESS Global Executive Protection Training in Raleigh March 4-6 2016. ESS Global Corp, in addition to protecting celebrities, politicians, and other high net Executive protection training in Raleigh beats Bodyguard Training in Raleigh hands downworth individuals in over 60 countries, also offers Executive Protection Training in Raleigh, NC.
But….ask 3 different people about what you call someone assigned to protect a client from harm, and you’ll hear 4 different answers. Among them, Executive Protection, Close Protection, Bodyguard or Protection Specialist, just to name a few. OK, we’ll throw in VIP Protection for good measure as well.
So, you’ll get answers like….

Bodyguard Training in Raleigh

Close Protection Training in Raleigh

VIP Protection Training in Raleigh

Protection Specialist Training in Raleigh

…note that all of these are best approached by taking 

Executive Protection Training in Raleigh

(and here’s why)

  • Bodyguard Training in Raleigh - nope EP Training Day 1While typical bodyguard training usually (and hopefully) covers basic instruction such as on hand-to-hand combat, bodyguard students are rarely trained on other important disciplines such as  Threat Assessment and Security Advance Tactics,  Situational Awareness Training, Advanced Motorcade Operations, and other crucial topics that are central to Executive Protection Training.
  • ESS Global offers Executive Protection Training in Raleigh and ESS Global Corporation is the only Executive Protection School, headquartered in the state of Florida that is licensed and approved through the Department of Education. AdditionallyESS Global is also GI Bill approved by the US Department of Veteran Affairs. As such, ESS Global is one of only a small handful of schools licensed and approved by both the Department of Education and the VA.

ESS Global World Class Protection Training

Bodyguard training in Raleigh . NOPE - Elite executive protection training in raleigh
ESS Global Corp protection training is taught by elite protection professionals who have unmatched experience and knowledge in the Executive Protection Industry.  At ESS our primary mission is to pass down our real world knowledge and experiences gained from protection assignments of high net-worth individuals in over 60 different countries around the world, directly to our students, in an effort to best prepare them to work as a professional in the Executive Protection/Close Protection/Bodyguard Industry.

Why Executive Protection Training Instead of Bodyguard Training in Raleigh?

While the basic premise of a bodyguard goes back hundreds, if not thousands of years, “Executive Protection” is a relatively new field in the protection industry. Executive Protection was started in the 1970’s by the United States Secret Service when they created the Executive Protection Service to guard visiting foreign dignitaries.
Ask any Secret Service Agent. They know that D.O.E. Executive Protection Training has moExecutive Protection Training in Raleigh - not bodyguard training in Raleigh re in common with Secret Service techniques, than what “Sammy’s Bodyguard Training” offers. Most bodyguards fresh out of school, are unable to define or discuss basic processes that are absolutely central to Executive Protection training such as; Threat Assessment, Advance Tactics, Route Reconnaissance, Area Surveillance, Movement Safety, Situational Awareness, Defensive Driving and Evasion, Crowd Control, Vehicle Placement/Movement, Embus and Debus plans, and more.
If you are looking for the very best bodyguard training in Raleigh, there is little doubt that the biggest bang for the buck is Executive Protection Training in Raleigh from a leading executive protection and security company; ESS Global Corp. Also, having a D.O.E. approved executive protection training on your resume can make a difference, and the higher level of training makes a an even bigger difference.
Our Executive Protection Training in Raleigh covers the exact same D.O.E. Approved Executive Protection Syllabus as our top-rated training at the corporate headquarters in Tampa, Florida. Executive Protection Training classes are also held at various times throughout the year in Orlando, Detroit, Chicago, Charlotte, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Hollywood.
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Call Today for our March 4-6 training as space is limited. If you missed or first executive protection training in Raleigh, call today to find out when the next one is!
If you are serious about the Executive Protection Industry, choose a school that is serious. If you are serious about Executive Protection Training in Raleigh, choose a school that is licensed and approved by the D.O.E. for Executive Protection training.

ESS Global Corp.

Time is of the essence for our very first Executive Protection Training Class in Raleigh March 4-6. 

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ESS Global also offers group rates, discounts, referrals and private classes.  ESS will take its top-rated D.O.E. Executive Protection Training course to you as well as offering private courses for groups, organizations or businesses.
If you are a veteran, please ask us about our flexible payment options.