Don’t believe that social media and home break-ins are related?

Social Media and Home Break-Ins

Google “home break-ins from Facebook posts” and you’ll get about 11 million returns. TV reports, newspaper reports, personal blogs…it’s a long list. Because it happens all too frequently.
When you are ‘friends’ with people on Facebook that you are not actually really friends with, how do you know whether they have good intentions?
The problem lies in that if Tom posts that he is so excited to take the family to Disney World next week. Sally likes the post. I don’t know Tom. I’ve never met Tom. I’m not friends with Tom, but I know Sally from high school and we’ve been friends on Facebook for years. I see Tom’s post in my news feed because Sally liked it or commented on it. Now, I might know some of Tom’s things I can sell after I fill the back of my car late some night next week.
Or, you have great photos of your house with house numbers (hello Google maps), the yard, and the car in the driveway. Maybe you shouldn’t really be checking in from the concert you’re at or the bar across town.
burglar-157142_1280A recent segment on CNN discusses the risks that you may be taking while updating your Facebook status. You don’t know who is looking at your private information because it’s truly not private – it’s public. They told a story about a woman who found this out the hard way after she posted a simple status message on Facebook that she was going to see a band with her fiancé. It only took the burglars calling the venue to find out what time the show was to let them know when they could break into her home. The burglars showed up 35 minutes after she left for the concert.
It is that simple. You post a casual message to your “friends” that could turn into a nightmare where you lose personal property. Worse, what if there was a child there with a baby sitter? What if….
There is a very strong connection between social media and home break-ins.
Google it and you’ll see, there are horror stories in every community.  No matter what privacy setting you have on your Facebook profile, your posts are public, permanent and exploitable. They are seen by more than “your friends”.
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