ESS is conduction an intensive 4-hr course in Psychological Profiling and Situational Awareness Training in Tampa September 14 – Invaluable Safety Training.

Situational Awareness Training in Tampa September 14 

Situational Awareness Training in Tampa September 14 
The first step in Situational Awareness and and Psychological Profiling is to step out of the world of denial.
Leave the “it can’t happen to me” world behind you. 
Situational awareness is knowing what and who is around you and the potential threats they might pose to you or your family/loved ones. You assess the current situation and people around you by gathering information, processing that information, and then figuring out if action is required. Situational awareness can help you avoid a confrontation, fight or other harmful situation. Not only can situational awareness save your own life, but also other innocent lives around you. The military, the government, law enforcement agencies and self-defense experts all train, use, and practice situational awareness.
Psychological profiling, also known as behavioral, criminal personality, and criminal profiling, is a method used to both recognize and develop profiles for murders, rapists, and other violent criminals. This tool, used by law enforcement agencies, helps to identify likely suspects by analyzing patterns that may predict future offenses and/or victims (predictive offender profiling).
Now, you too can take this 4 Hour Situational Awareness and Psychological Profiling Course and gain valuable insight on how to be prepared at all times. 

Situational Awareness Training in Tampa September 14 9 AM to 1 PM

This training is valuable to anyone and everyone, but is a necessary training for;

  • security guards
  • executive protection/close protection/bodyguards
  • store clerks
  • office workers
  • waitresses/bartenders
  • EMT/first responders
  • shelter workers
  • and anyone in contact with the general public

The next class open to the general public is just $100 and is on September 14 here in Tampa
For less than a night out on the town, you can attend this potentially life-saving training and learn a skill that will last a lifetime!

Seating is limited

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