You’ve thought about, looked into it, and said to yourself “I can do that.” How to Get Started in Executive Protection – EP Training in Tampa.

How to Get Started in Executive Protection

If you’ve wondered how to get started in Executive Protection, here is a short guide to help you get started.

Are You Prepared?

You genuinely need to determine if you are ready, both physically and psychologically, before you begin your search for an Executive Protection Training School.
Additionally, ask yourself these questions:

  • how to get started in Executive ProtectionAm I willing to take another human being’s life to save my own or the life of another?
  • Am I capable of defending another, or myself and then render first aid and/or CPR to the very person I just injured?
  • Am I ready to face the consequences of my actions and defend those actions in a court of law?
  • What about the effects of my actions on my family and my friends, how will the public view my actions?

Ready to learn how to get started in Executive Protection?

Choose the Trainers Wisely

When choosing a training school the big variables are;

  • Who is training you?
  • The distance from you
  • The length of the training

Who is Training You?

Are they currently active in EP? Or are they describing what it was like 5, 10, 20 even 30 years ago? This is tremendously important. You will want to be trained by a company and more importantly, trainers that are currently active in executive protection projects. The ESS Global trainers have current EP experience in over 50 countries.
Another possible issue is what are they teaching you? In other words, who wrote the curriculum and who has reviewed it for accuracy and relevancy?
how to get started in executive protection - choose wiselyIn the world of Executive Protection training, we often find a curriculum that is simply cribbed from who they learned from (and how long ago was that?).
At ESS Global, we write the curriculum directly from our experience in the field. And it is fresh every year. And the D.O.E. comes in and reviews both the trainers and the curriculum. Every year. It’s a huge project, but we do it to protect you. All the information you are presented with in the ESS Executive Protection training class has been reviewed and approved by the Department of Education.
And we are the only security company in the state of Florida that is D.O.E. certified. The ONLY one.
Updated 12-15-16 2017 Calendar is up – Also ESS Global Corp is now approved by the VA to accept GI Bill Benefits.

The Distance from You

Most of our security training classes are held at our corporate headquarters north of Tampa/Clearwater in Tarpon Springs Florida. At various times, we do have executive protection training in other cities such as Orlando, Raleigh, Detroit, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and more as needed. But why wait? It’s 3 days. Which bring us to…

The Length of the Training

How long is the training? The reason that this is important is that the length of the training has no bearing whatsoever on the quality. 
How to get started in Executive Protection - The basicsWhat we find at ESS is that the best approach to Executive Protection Training is to cut “the fluff” and hammer on the basics. In other words, give you the tools to build a solid foundation in Executive Protection, without wasting your time learning “the fluff” used to extend training in order to justify a higher training price.
Case and point. One basic EP training we saw includes “how to perform your operations with a gas mask on”. Really? In a basic training? We can think of about a few thousand more important things you need to be trained on in an executive protection training, and it’s a perfect example of the “fluff” found  in the world of EP training.
Lastly, out in the real world, where most executive protection training will fail you is in “customer service” skills. Yes, we teach the tactical stuff. We’d like to think we do that better than anyone. But we also train on real world client issues. Our executive protection clients don’t check in at hotels. They don’t wait in lines. They don’t wait for restaurant service because the menu was in the car and the food was ready at arrival.
We teach the customer service issues in the real world that most every executive protection training never mentions, much less teaches you.

Because it’s the basics.

And in the real world of executive protection, it’s almost a certainty, that you will lose a client because of basic customer service issues, as opposed to protection/tactical issues.

How to get started in executive protection - tactical trainingThe ESS Global Training presents all the needed information to get started in Executive Protection in 3 days. The Tuition is $500.
If you are serious about the Executive Protection Industry, choose a school that is serious. If you are serious about Executive Protection Training, choose a school that is licensed and approved by the D.O.E. for Executive Protection Training.
ESS Global also offers group rates, discounts, referrals and private classes.  
If you are a veteran, please ask us about our flexible payment options.

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