Looking for a new career? Use the benefits you’ve earned. GI Bill Approved Executive Protection Training in Tampa at ESS Global Corp 3-Day EP Training.

GI Bill Approved Executive Protection Training in Tampa at ESS Global Corp.

If you have read our Executive Protection Training Guide, and are ready to get started, great. The world of close personal protection is growing daily. 
The simple fact is as we enter the new year, there is no doubt that “personal protection” is a growing field. As you read this, there are thousands and thousands of military and government leaders, business executives, religious figures, celebrities and families that are being personally protected. And the numbers grow every day.
Executive Protection is the fastest growing segment of the security industry.

Even trophies need protection sometimes.

GI Bill Approved Executive Protection Training - Trophy
CFP National Championship Trophy protected by ESS Global Corp during the ESPN party in January 2017

The Big News

ESS Global now offers GI Bill Approved Executive Protection Training – As of December 23, 2016, ESS Global is a VA approved training facility and can accept GI Bill® Benefits. This makes us one of only 3 known Executive Protection Schools approved for GI Bill® Benefits in the U.S. ‘‘GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at http://www.benefits.va.gov/gibill.”
This may matter to you.
D.O.E. and GI Bill Approved Executive Protection Training

GI Bill Approved Executive Protection Training

3 Other Great Reasons to Choose ESS Global

D.O.E Approved Executive Protection Training – Again, we are one of only two known Executive Protection Schools that have been approved by the D.O.E. In most every state, there is no oversight, no boards, no licenses. So no one oversees the trainers or what is being taught. With Department of Education oversight, you know the trainers and curriculum have had another set of eyes approve both the training and the trainers.
Real World Experience – In the world of close protection training, sometimes a school is just that. A school. While they may have been active at one point, they are no longer actively practice Executive Protection. ESS Global has current real world experience in over 60 countries, and at any given moment is currently on detail, protecting someone (or something) from harm.
Active Shooter Training – ESS Global is the only Executive Protection School making use of the VirTra Simulator here in Tampa Florida and 1 of only 2 pubic installations of the VirTra (Virtual Training) in the entire country for “active shooter training”. 

Gi Bill Approved Executive Protection Training
ESS Global On Protection Detail at The ESPN Party – Personal Protection – Asset Protection – Venue Protection – Event Protection

Executive Protection Training in Tampa JanuaryTrain With The Best – ESS Global Corp

  • GI Bill Approved Executive Protection Training
  • D.O.E. Approved Executive Protection Training
  • Current Real World Experience
  • VirTra Active Shooter Training

Our next 3-day Executive Protection Training is fast approaching. Check Our Calendar for all our upcoming events. 

See You Soon. Until Then, Be Safe.