Combat Pistol

This class will prepare you for real world confrontations and is ideal for anyone who has completed a CWP class, G License Training, or our Basic Pistol Class and wishes to learn how to effectively deploy a firearm for the purpose of self defense.

This training is a “must have” for armed security (G License – Executive Protection) as well as citizens looking to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their communities.

If your pistol comes out when you are not at the range, it’s likely serious and it’s very likely it’s all happening at once and you aren’t prepared because you haven’t trained for the clear and present danger at hand.

But now you can be prepared. 

Become proficient in defensive use of the pistol for a wide variety of circumstances including;

  • Home Defense
  • Concealed Carry Techniques
  • Pistol Defense in a Vehicle
  • Shooting on the Run
  • Facial Recognition
  • Ambush Scenarios
  • Body Armor Drills
  • Malfunction Drills
  • And More

All while shooting as the training progresses quickly into an emphasis on applying more advanced techniques under more difficult real-life situations.

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