Executive Protection in Florida and More

ESS Global Corp specializes in Executive Protection in Florida and more, with a presence in Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, West Palm beach and more.

Executive Protection in Florida and More

Being a corporate executive may not be as stressful as you may think, but it’s certainly dangerous. Or at least, that’s a reasonable conclusion based on the money companies spend protecting their top executives.
Executive compensation reports filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission over the past several years reveals how much companies spend to protect their top executives.
Oracle, spends about $2 million/year protecting Chief Executive Larry Ellison. Google spends over $500,000 protecting Chief Executive Eric Schmidt. Disney over $1 million for Mr. Eisner.
More and more frequently, large companies are accepting security expenditures as a necessary cost of doing business. Top executives are the company’s most valuable assets, and they need to treat them accordingly. In the Ford Annual Proxy Report they Ford states that, “the benefits of providing these programs outweigh the relatively minor costs associated with them.” Ford spends over $1 million a year protecting its top executives and members of the Ford family.

Executive Protection ESS Global Corp - On The Job
Executive Protection ESS Global Corp – On The Job

Executive Protection in Florida – ESS Global

An executive will contract with a security company such as ESS Global Corp to provide guards at their home, both for screening visitors as well as stationed around the perimeter and inside the property. And it’s not just corporate executives; politicians, celebrities, athletes, and more are hiring executive protection specialists.
The risks increase when people travel and even more so if that travel is outside the US, as is often the case with celebrities. Most hire additional manpower when they travel to high-crime countries. The executive protection guards use secure drivers, plan secure routes, and investigate cars, limos, even the corporate jet for potential security breaches such as unidentified luggage.
Agents scout out hotels, meeting rooms, restaurants, venues and more in advance.
“People need to remember”, says Theodore Billiris, CEO of ESS Global Corp, “everyday situations in relatively safe locations are not totally risk free. It doesn’t matter if the threat is planned or opportunistic. Incidents affecting personal safety, both directly and indirectly, can and do occur every day. This threat is heightened with travel outside the perceived safety of the home.”
ESS Global Corp clients benefit from:

  • Customized Risk Assessments
  • Close Protection Agent Availability Across The US, As Well As Globally
  • Secure Ground Transportation
  • Travel Planning and Protection
  • Private Aircraft Protection
  • Special Event Security
  • Venue Security and Protection

ESS Global Corp will take every precaution when it comes to protecting you, your family, and your property.  Our agents experience in this field is second to none.
Our solutions are tailored to your needs. Give us a call or drop us a line and find out more about the ESS Global difference.



Florida Church Security Tampa, Orlando and More

ESS Global Corp offers professional “faith-based” Florida church security in Tampa and throughout Florida and the US.

Florida Church Security Tampa, Orlando and More

We are saddened by recent church violence events and our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the deceased.
Over 420 people have died in incidents involving deadly force at churches and other faith organizations in America since 1999, as detailed by noted church security expert Carl Chinn and reported in a 2013 issue of SBC LIFE, the journal of the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee. If you’ve followed the news the past two years, you know that number has risen dramatically.
The biggest trigger in church violence over the last 16 years is “Domestic Spillover”. This is when domestic relationship violence finds it’s way onto ministry property resulting in a deadly force incident. The second most common reason for church violence is “Random Acts” which describes the tragedy in Charleston, SC.
The SBC Life article recommended ways churches can protect themselves against violent intruders.

  • Perform a professional security analysis for activities throughout the week and at services.
  • Assess unmonitored entryways to the church on Sundays or during other activities including day care, Bible studies, and more where someone could enter and hide.
  • Consider hiring a security firm to provide armed security during all church events.

Carl Chinn also stated recently, “If you still have time to be on the security team after making sure your own house is in order, then you can look around your church to see if any friends or relatives of ‘Bozo Thug’ are around you. There are plenty of them in our society. Empty-eyed mindless little rats looking for an opportunity to get their name in the paper.”
Faith-based organizations must increase their awareness of, and preparation for, criminal hazards capable of compromising their primary ministry purpose.
8-2 Update
This post is barely a week old and the national news has reported two church bombings that seem to  be related http://essglobalcorp.com/ess/wq4l7  as well as a stabbing in a church in Maryland that has resulted in one death.  http://essglobalcorp.com/ess/7mn3w 
Are churches the new “soft target”?


and let’s talk about “faith-based” church security.

Compromise vs Convenience

BieberExecutive protection is not just about protection. It is in fact about the entire experience for our client. Now, while most of what we do is based upon security, some of it is simply based upon pleasing our client. We always teach in our courses here at ESS Global Corporation Executive Protection School, that you will always be balancing Compromise vs Convenience. That is the compromise of security that we must allow to enable the convenience of the client. As Executive Protection agents, we are always security minded and want to keep security at a high level. Unfortunately, high levels of security are not always convenient for our clients. While we would like to keep them locked down under our supervision 24/7, they like to go outside, go shopping, go eat, etc. In order to do this, we have to drop the level of security a little bit to achieve this.
Now, this does not mean that we drop all security measures. It just means that we now have to be even more vigilant and aware than ever. Make sure you are always in YELLOW. Remember, we can never tell our clients NO. Well at least not in most cases. So, if they ask us to go somewhere, and we have advised them that it is dangerous to go there (like a nightclub), and yet they still wish to go, we must take them. And, if exactly what you warned them about happens, even though you advised them not to go there, guess who will be at fault. That’s right, YOU! We are always at fault.
For these reasons, it is extremely important to know your clients likes and dislikes so you can be prepared for moments like these and can perform a proper security advance to at least reduce the risk. While it still isn’t perfect, as most things are not in the Executive Protection industry, it will be safer. Knowing your clients likes and dislikes is first achieved through the client interview. A technique rarely used or taught anymore unfortunately. Remember, in anything, to be successful you must master the basics. Client profiling or client interviews are part of the basics in Executive Protection.
Until next time, be safe and stay alert!

Executive Protection, Executive Assistant or Both?

2For those of you that have never worked in the Executive Protection industry, you will find this post to be an eye opener. Especially to those who come from an extensive military background with many years of training and certifications out the wazoo. What we will talk about in this post is the single most reason why some of the most highly trained and tactically capable individuals wash out of this industry. You must learn how to check your ego at the door before walking into any Executive Protection job.
Be ready to open doors, carry shopping bags, carry luggage, take out the trash and even take orders from children or men half your size. Yes, all of these things are not only a reality but common day to day practices for all Executive Protection agents in the industry. This industry will definitely test your masculinity and can be emasculating at times. Can you handle it? You need to ask yourself that question, because if not, this is not the industry for you. Regardless of how well trained your are or how tactically sound you may be, if you cannot humble yourself to the point of being able to accept all of the above examples and more, you will not last long as an Executive Protection agent. Remember, you are the hired help and you will be treated as such. Just ask anyone who has worked a high profile detail.
Unfortunately, I have seen agents leave in the middle of a detail as they could not handle these instances. And remember, when you do leave in the middle of a detail, it is not the client you screw over, it is your team. So, this is even a greater reason to ask yourself if you can handle this as to not screw over the other guys working next to you. Remember, it’s not the client you need a reference from, it’s the Executive Protection company or detail leader you were working with. And, if you walk out on them, you may want to look elsewhere for a reference.
So, make sure you take all of this into account before entering this industry. There is a lot more involved than just the protection side. Well, until next time, stay safe and stay alert.

Back to Basics! Really?

back to basics
So here we are again. Just when you think it wont happen to you, or you say to yourself, “I don’t know anyone that has had an accident. We all hear the stories and see all the pictures on the web, we even watch the videos of DEA agents actually teaching others on gun safety and yes you guessed it, BAM! A Negligent Discharge. I am in the camp, that does not believe you should call it an “accidental discharge” Really? Can accidents happen yes.! Like maybe if you drop a firearm and it goes off, or you are running from a bear and shooting at it blindly, and you accidentally kill a mocking bird. But when you reach for a firearm to handle it and you grab it incorrectly or haphazardly, that results in the discharge of the firearm that is NEGLIGENCE! You caused it! You failed to take the appropriate measures to ensure the safe handling of the firearm. Why am I writing this article, because a buddy of mine decided to discharge his pistol while in his vehicle where he, YES! You guessed it, he shot himself in the foot and through the floorboard of his car. In his words “I had an awkward grip on the gun and my ring finger slipped into the trigger guard and it went off.” I wanted to post his picture, but he threatened me with litigation if I did, so I just told him he would be the subject of our next post. So lets go through the basics once again.

  • 1) Treat all guns as if they are loaded!

This rule by itself does not completely keep you safe of negligence but it does set the tone as to how we treat a firearm and do not just assume the gun is unloaded. It must be treated with respect! Even when someone tells you it’s “Not loaded” Clear the firearm yourself!

  • 2) Do not point the gun at anything you do not wish to destroy!

At this point you have not verified weather or not the gun is loaded or not, so we will consider it loaded and keep it pointed either down at the ground or in the ready position. Not to the side, not in the air, keep it pointed DOWN!

  • 3) Keep you finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard until ready to shoot!

And here we are the number one rule that if followed no matter what else you do, the gun will not discharge. Hmmm, so basically the firearm is safe, until someone picks it up, and how that person handles it determines weather or not it stays safe.

  • 4) Know your target and what is beyond it!

So you have followed all the rules and now you are placed in the position to discharge your gun, either at the range or in a life or death situation, you must know what you target is and what is beyond it. What kind of backstop are you shooting at? Are there people behind your attacker? Always remember there is a lawyer behind every round that gets fired from your gun. And they want to know why it was fired and why it landed where it did. And you need to be able to articulate your thought processes as to why you discharged your gun, and why the bullets landed where they did.