BieberExecutive protection is not just about protection. It is in fact about the entire experience for our client. Now, while most of what we do is based upon security, some of it is simply based upon pleasing our client. We always teach in our courses here at ESS Global Corporation Executive Protection School, that you will always be balancing Compromise vs Convenience. That is the compromise of security that we must allow to enable the convenience of the client. As Executive Protection agents, we are always security minded and want to keep security at a high level. Unfortunately, high levels of security are not always convenient for our clients. While we would like to keep them locked down under our supervision 24/7, they like to go outside, go shopping, go eat, etc. In order to do this, we have to drop the level of security a little bit to achieve this.
Now, this does not mean that we drop all security measures. It just means that we now have to be even more vigilant and aware than ever. Make sure you are always in YELLOW. Remember, we can never tell our clients NO. Well at least not in most cases. So, if they ask us to go somewhere, and we have advised them that it is dangerous to go there (like a nightclub), and yet they still wish to go, we must take them. And, if exactly what you warned them about happens, even though you advised them not to go there, guess who will be at fault. That’s right, YOU! We are always at fault.
For these reasons, it is extremely important to know your clients likes and dislikes so you can be prepared for moments like these and can perform a proper security advance to at least reduce the risk. While it still isn’t perfect, as most things are not in the Executive Protection industry, it will be safer. Knowing your clients likes and dislikes is first achieved through the client interview. A technique rarely used or taught anymore unfortunately. Remember, in anything, to be successful you must master the basics. Client profiling or client interviews are part of the basics in Executive Protection.
Until next time, be safe and stay alert!