2For those of you that have never worked in the Executive Protection industry, you will find this post to be an eye opener. Especially to those who come from an extensive military background with many years of training and certifications out the wazoo. What we will talk about in this post is the single most reason why some of the most highly trained and tactically capable individuals wash out of this industry. You must learn how to check your ego at the door before walking into any Executive Protection job.
Be ready to open doors, carry shopping bags, carry luggage, take out the trash and even take orders from children or men half your size. Yes, all of these things are not only a reality but common day to day practices for all Executive Protection agents in the industry. This industry will definitely test your masculinity and can be emasculating at times. Can you handle it? You need to ask yourself that question, because if not, this is not the industry for you. Regardless of how well trained your are or how tactically sound you may be, if you cannot humble yourself to the point of being able to accept all of the above examples and more, you will not last long as an Executive Protection agent. Remember, you are the hired help and you will be treated as such. Just ask anyone who has worked a high profile detail.
Unfortunately, I have seen agents leave in the middle of a detail as they could not handle these instances. And remember, when you do leave in the middle of a detail, it is not the client you screw over, it is your team. So, this is even a greater reason to ask yourself if you can handle this as to not screw over the other guys working next to you. Remember, it’s not the client you need a reference from, it’s the Executive Protection company or detail leader you were working with. And, if you walk out on them, you may want to look elsewhere for a reference.
So, make sure you take all of this into account before entering this industry. There is a lot more involved than just the protection side. Well, until next time, stay safe and stay alert.