Another month, and yet another record for background checks.

March 2016 was the 11th consecutive month of record background checks for retail gun sales in the U.S.

ESS Global Concealed Carry Classes in TampaThe background check streak that began in May 2015. Last May saw more background checks than any May on record. That continued with June 2015 setting the all-time record for every June, July for the month of July, August for the month of August, all the way up to and including March 2016.
According to the FBI, the number of background checks performed in March was 2,523,265. That beats the previous March record of 2,488,842, which was set two years ago in 2014.
This streak of consecutive record-breaking months includes December 2015, which not only broke the record for background checks in December but also broke the all-time monthly background checks record as well.
It is important to remember that background checks do not translate into an exact figure for the number of firearms sold because a background check is not performed on a specific firearm, but rather on a specific buyer. If the buyer fails the check, the purchase is denied. But, after passing the check, the buyer can purchase multiple guns if they so choose. This means the 2,523,265 checks performed in last month could easily translate into 5,046,530 guns sold in March, if everyone who passed a check bought just two firearms.
So while w don’t know the exact number of firearm purchased last month….
What we do know is that last month, the FBI had their busiest March ever.
Another record for background checksThe 11 month streak correlates with a surge in gun sales fueled by fears of mass shootings, terrorism, and the prospect of stricter firearm laws in the future.
With 7,682,141 checks done already this year, it’s a fairly safe bet that 2016 will break another annual sales record.  

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