ESS Global Corp offers Advanced Executive Protection Training in Tampa, Orlando, Raleigh, Charlotte, Los Angeles, Dallas, Detroit, Chicago and Las Vegas.

Advanced Executive Protection Training

If you have taken our top-rated D.O.E. approved Executive Protection Class, you already know that ESS Global has set the bar higher than any other training available.

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

advanced executive protection trainingThe ESS Global Advanced Executive Protection Training entails all the necessary work required for a live detail. Students will have to now put into action everything they learned in the Executive Protection training course.  You will have to perform a security advance and threat assessment in preparation for a real live detail with a VIP on the final day of class.
The majority of this course will not take place in a classroom setting, but rather out in the field.  What you will do in this course will be no different than what successful industry professionals do on a daily basis.  You will be working a real live Executive Protection detail and you will perform all operations involved with such a detail.
The Advanced Executive Protection Training is as close to the real thing you can get, because it is the real thing. 
VipTransportThis Advanced Executive Protection Course will only be for those who have completed and excelled in our D.O.E. approved Executive Protection training course.  It will be by invitation only based on our instructors assessment of each student upon completion of  the Executive Protection training course.  Those who have completed Executive protection training courses at other agencies that we accept or have ample years of on the job training in the Executive Protection field may contact us as to whether they may or may not they qualify for this course.
ESS Global - Executive ProtectionUpon completion of this course, you will no longer wonder what the Executive Protection industry is like.  You will have experienced it for yourself first hand.  This course will prepare you for the expected and make you mindful of the unexpected.
It is the closest training to the real thing that you can receive.

Financing/Payment Plans now available!!!

UPDATE 12-15-16 ESS is VA Approved to accept GI Benefits.
Discounts available for all students who have already completed the Executive Protection course or TASA course with ESS Global.
Tuition: $500
(Students responsible for fuel costs and transportation during training)

venue security in floridaPlease call 727-940-7926 or email us at to register for our Advanced Executive Protection Training in Tampa, Orlando, Charlotte, Raleigh, Chicago, Detroit, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and more to come.

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