I’m sure you are aware of the horror stories or maybe you have experienced them yourselves. The let down and anger you feel when you pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars on training courses only to find out the course material or the instructors themselves were less than mediocre. Unfortunately, this is an all too common experience that many students have and will endure in the Security and Executive Protection industries.
While some states have mandatory courses for Security that are regulated by the state, most of the additional training officers receive is not regulated. In addition, as most of you know, the material taught in the state regulated courses is less than adequate. It is simply a theory course that involves zero practical or hands on training.
As for Executive Protection, there are a handful of states, if that, that have a state regulated course. This means that when you attend an Executive Protection school, nobody is regulating what is being taught or who it is being taught by. This means you are basically taking a gamble and hoping that what you are being taught is accurate, and the person teaching it is experienced. To be honest, this is rarely the case with most Executive Protection schools.
What you will find, is that the school was opened by a retired law enforcement officer or somebody that took a course at another school and saw the potential to make money. Regardless, most schools are being taught by those who have spent little to no time in the industry. And, since the states don’t regulate these courses, it will continue.
This is why it is extremely important to research your school and your instructors. Make certain that not only have your instructors worked in the Executive Protection industry, but they are active in it now! Remember, the Executive Protection industry evolves and changes just like any industry. If you are planning on attending a school where the instructor is the same person instructing for the last 20-30 years, you may want to find out how many jobs they have worked in those last 20-30 years. I bet you will be surprised.
This is why we always recommend that you go through a school that is licensed through the department of education. Then, you know that their curriculum and instructors have had to of been reviewed and approved. All instructors have had background checks performed on them and have had to provide credentials that attest to their knowledge and ability to instruct. While even this isn’t perfect, it’s better than there being no check and balance system like it is at most schools.
Again, take the time to research your school and its instructors. And while I know there aren’t many licensed Executive Protection schools in the country, trust me, it is worth the expense of traveling and lodging to attend a quality school rather than waste your money at a school that gives you below average training. We always say here at ESS Global Corporation: There are two things you never cheap out on, gear and training. They are the two things that may save your clients life and yours!
Until next time, stay safe and stay alert!