Common Human Trafficking Ploys

UPDATED 9-9-2020 Perhaps you have read about the recent child trafficking busts in Georgia and other US states including Ohio and Indiana. But what you should also know is Covid-19 is creating a situation where it’s almost twice as likely to lose a child to sex trafficking.   First, the internet is a primary recruiting mechanism […]

Holiday Safety Tips

Holiday Safety Tips

The Thanksgiving Turkey has been picked to the bone, and the holiday shopping season has officially begun. 31 Holiday Safety Tips for 2017. We know the holiday season is always a special time of year. It is also a time when busy people become careless and vulnerable to theft and other holiday crime. Thieves are […]

Close Protection - ESS Global Corp

Executive Close Protection Services in Florida

ESS Global Corp is a full service security firm providing executive close protection services in Florida and Worldwide. ‘Executive Protection’ is a phrase that conjures up images of bodyguards and highly trained professionals protecting executives, celebrities, politicians and other VIPs from danger on the road, at their home, and at their place of work. Executive […]