Disaster Security and Hurricane Response

When evacuations occur, thieves eyes grow wide. ESS Global Corp, provides disaster security and hurricane response with armed and unarmed guards.

Disaster Security and Hurricane Response – Armed/Unarmed Guards

Disaster Security and Hurricane Response - ESS SecurityESS Global Corp, a leading security and protection firm in Florida can help protect the assets of businesses, corporations, and homeowners in the aftermath of a disaster such as Hurricane Matthew. 

ESS Disaster Response – Hurricane Aftermath Security

  • Armed/Unarmed Security
  • Temporary Security
  • Short and long-term security coverage options available

Don’t rely on the slow response and dispatch of the National Guard. 




“As the only Security firm in Florida to be licensed by the US Department of Education, ESS Global Corporation provides education, training, safety consulting and armed/unarmed security for commercial endeavors, government entities and the general public solely designed to enhance the safety and security of our communities. Our partnerships promote an unrelenting devotion to high standards of duty and courage.  ESS Global Corporation accomplishes this mission through an unwavering dedication to deliver comprehensive security services to the communities we value and serve.”