Apartment, Condominium, and HOA Security In Florida

ESS Global Corp, based in Tampa, is Florida’s best value in property management security services for apartment, condominium and HOA security in Florida. ESS Global Corp officers not only protect people and property, but also minimize your risk and liabilities, while increasing your property’s marketability and tenant retention.

Apartment, Condominium, and HOA Security In Florida

It goes without saying that if you keep your community relatively crime-free it improves business. So how does your apartment and condominium security directly correlate to making more money? Well, you need to keep the occupancy rates high and attract good people and families to rent to. Above all, the right security company will find the proper balance, serving both the needs of the management company and the needs of the residents and their families. This is where having the right security company can do both.
Bad residents don’t like good security. If a resident is looking to sell drugs, or commit any crimes, they tend to look for complexes that don’t have security. The reality is that having the right security guard company will eventually attract good, long-term residents, because in your apartment/condo/gated community they will feel safe.
But bad things happen in even in good places.

Global Corp HOA Security
ESS Global Corp HOA Security

ESS Global apartment/condominium/gated community/HOA private security services includes: gate guards, walking guard and mobile patrols, pool and clubhouse usage and access, access and area control, identification verification, alarm monitoring and response, loss prevention, parking enforcement, theft and crime deterrence, policy enforcement, and more with complete daily log reports. Additionally, our security officers will be present for evictions and conflict resolution.
Professionally Trained
All of our officers complete a rigorous security training program at our school, which is the only Security School in Florida licensed by the Florida Department of Education. We offer emergency, short and long-term uniformed guards, and they can be either armed or unarmed.
More and more soft targets are getting hit.
Whether it’s a movie theater or a church, or your home or your car. No one is 100% safe anymore.  You know you have the right security company when a simple task, such as checking frequently on a home when the owners are off on vacation, to a complex task as “de-escalating” a conflict, is handled courteously and professionally for all parties.  ESS Global is the right choice for apartment, condominium and HOA security in Florida. We are a leader in property management security services.
We offer a complimentary on-site security survey to every client we meet, which allows us to determine your specific vulnerabilities, threats, and needs. ESS Global Corp strives to ensure that you receive the best return on your security investment, and that your security efforts effectively reinforce your policies and procedures. Whether you are looking for a temporary security service for a “stopgap” measure or a full-service, comprehensive security program, you can trust that ESS Global Corp protective services will be carried out with the utmost in professional integrity and vigilance.
Our management team is available for community/association/neighborhood/property management board and committee meetings.
Call us today for a free customized security assessment by the leader in Florida security, ESS Global Corp.