Happy New Year!

ESS Global Corp would like to take a moment and wish all our employees, associates, clients and good friends a happy (and safe) 2022.

Happy New Year! (and Safety Tips)- From ESS Global


New Years Eve Safety Tips ESS Global

And with that thought, and our concentration on safety, here are 5 important tips to keep you safe when celebrating the New Year (or any other party or event for that matter).


taxi-238478_640Don’t drink and drive. Unless you’re hosting the party, you’ll most likely be heading to a friend’s home or a venue such as a club or bar to celebrate the end of the year. The Golden Rule. Don’t be afraid to ask to spend the night. A rough night’s sleep on a sofa is far better than a DUI, or worse, a needless accident.
If sleeping away from home isn’t an option, you must plan ahead and assign a designated (and sober) driver. Also, write down the numbers of a few local cab companies and keep that information on you all night. Alternatively, Uber and Lyft will likely have surge pricing on New Year’s Eve, but  they are well worth it to get yourself (and your loved ones) home safely.

  • The later it gets in the evening, the higher incidence of drunk driving related accidents.
  • If you do elect to drive home, let someone know you are heading home, and keep them posted when you arrive home safely.
  • Never drink and drive.
  • If in doubt about your own ability to drive, have a sober friend take you home, or take other safe means of transportation home (Taxi, Uber, Lyft).
  • Drive extra carefully when heading home and leave extra space between you and other cars just to be safe.

There’s simply no excuse for drinking and getting behind the wheel, so make sure you’ve got a plan in place well before the festivities begin.

Keep Your Phone Fully Charged

iphone-410324_1280Stay in contact with family and friends. New Year’s Eve is not the night to ignore phone call and messages either. Nor is it the night to rely on the kindness of total strangers. Alcohol impairs judgement and that goes beyond driving. Be aware of your surroundings. Do not leave drinks unattended. Speaking of drinks, it’s a good night to reacquaint yourself with something called water. Keeps you hydrated.
And bring a cell phone charger.

It’s Good to Have a Plan – It’s Better to Have a Back-Up Plan – Best to be Prepared

Looks like Santa’s Ride Isn’t Ready

The best laid plans can suddenly go awry. Things can take an unexpected turn. Have a back-up plan just in case. And if you do not feel safe, for any reason, leave. If something feels off or unsafe, leave. What if someone in your group wants a stranger to drive them home? What if your designated driver has to leave due to an unforeseen emergency? What if you get separated from your group? There is safety in numbers. Try your best not to get separated. And have a back-up plan.

Safety in Numbers

google-mapsEverything is better with friends anyway, so make sure you suddenly don’t find yourself alone on New Year’s Eve, or more likely New Year’s Day. A good portion of the population will be drinking, and therefore the streets are inherently more dangerous. Traveling in a group can help ensure that nothing bad happens to you or those you care about. In addition, always know where you’re going. Some parties, especially on New Year’s Eve, tend to “drift” to another location. Know where you are and where you are going. Use a map application on your smartphone or plan your night ahead of time to ensure that you’re spending the least amount of time possible walking outside. Above all, go with your gut. If a home or a street or a venue or a bar, or anything else feels unsafe, leave.

Public Events

audience-1867983_640When attending public events, beware of your surroundings at all times. This is extremely important since you may be drinking around people you don’t know, who are drinking as much or even more than you, in a place you may have never been to. And keep a sharp eye on your drink! Also, when at public events make sure you have a fully charged cell phone. Be prepared!
Lastly, a word about fireworks. Tonight, let the experts do that. We are all adults. Getting drunk and watching professional fireworks is OK.  Getting drunk and having something explode in your hand or face, is not OK. And Firearms?  Please don’t be the idiot who is arrested for firing a weapon into the air.

Have a Happy And Safe New Year!