Handcuffing/ Pepper Spray Training in Tampa

ESS Global Corp, a leader in security, has a Pepper Spray Training in Tampa. combined with Handcuffing Training on August 20. Come train with ESS.

Pepper Spray Training in Tampa August 20th

Why is OC Spray Training a great idea?
In the security industry you are always under the threat of attack. If you legally carry a concealed weapon and you are forced to further defend yourself against a violent, highly motivated subject after having the opportunity to attempt to stop them with pepper spray, you have demonstrated that you attempted to initiate a lower level of force, before you were forced to escalate. Even if you are unable to deploy pepper spray prior to using a higher level of force, even if it’s deadly force, you have demonstrated that you have prepared for alternative forceful options by the fact that you also carry pepper spray.
No matter what level of self-defense skill you possess, pepper spray has a place in your personal defense strategy, whether you are protecting a client, your family, or yourself.

Handcuffing/ Pepper Spray Training in Tampa

What do you do when the assailant is incapacitated by pepper spray? You handcuff them.
With studies showing the over 2/3 of of resistive force from subjects occurs after the first wrist is handcuffed, it is vital to be properly trained. This is a 4 hour course.

OC Aerosol Projector (OCAP) Mace Certification

This four (4) hour end-user level certification program focuses on the deployment, handling and documentation of the use of OC (oleoresin capsicum) chemical aerosols.
This course will train the police officer or private security officer in the use of aerosols tactics and will help protect both the officer as well as their agency from costly litigation issues that could arise from the use of OC aerosol projectors.

ASP Tactical Handcuff

The ASP Basic Handcuff Certification (ABC) is a 4-hour, hands-on seminar which trains participants in the operational use of the hinged and chain handcuffs, as well as the proprietary ASP flex-cuffs. The program is simple to learn and easy to understand. It provides effective mechanical restraint tactics for law enforcement and private security personnel without long hours of training. The techniques were designed to work effectively for all users, male and female, large and small, fit as well as those in less-than-peak physical condition.
The program provides portation (carrying) and presentation (drawing) procedures as well as application techniques. These tactics are quickly learned, easily practiced and readily maintained long after the program is completed.
Class Length:   2 hours classroom, 2 hours training and drills
This is an all day training 4 hours – lunch – 4 hours. 

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Handcuffing and Pepper Spray Training in Tampa August 2oth.

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