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If you are seeking Orlando Executive Protection, Celebrity Security, or any other security service, here are 5 reasons to call the Global Leader in Security, ESS Global Corp.

Orlando Executive Protection, Celebrity Security and Bodyguards – ESS

Orlando Executive Protection and Celebrity Protection
International Protection – Sure, we love to work in Florida, it’s our backyard. So we know the lay of the land with regards to Orlando Executive Protection, Celebrity Security and Bodyguard Services. But it’s important to note that with international security projects in over 50 countries, the “global” in ESS Global Corporation is for real.  If you are headed out of the country, we are prepared to keep you safe every step of the way.
Bodyguard Recruitment– Most every close protection companies will tell you they hire former military special ops, retired Secret Service agents, law enforcement, and the like. Sure, and we do as well. But ESS Global also has an edge that absolutely no other company in Florida has. As a matter of fact, only a select handful in the US have this same edge.
orlando executive protection training
Choosing The Best– Fact: ESS Global Corporation also runs a Close Protection School. ESS Global Corp is the only Protection School in the state of Florida that is licensed and approved by the US Department of Education. This is a well-known fact in the security business. So the best candidates know where to go to get world class training. And we get to see those agents every day during training, offering positions to the best of the best in each and every class, providing a consistent level of quality, awareness and skills that other security companies never attain because they never know the agent’s skill set until they are out in the field. In the Close Protection industry, that can be dangerous.
Celebrity Bodyguards– ESS has protected celebrities, athletes, public speakers and individuals from all walks of life across the US and throughout the world. So whether it’s the red carpet in Los Angeles, a venue in Las Vegas, a business meeting in Chicago, a concert in Detroit, a promotional event in Dallas, a speaking engagement in Orlando, or a photo op in Tampa, we have you covered.
ESS - VIP Protection in Florida
Executive Protection – ESS Global personnel go through exhaustive executive protection training covering topics such as high risk defensive driving, logistical and travel planning, crisis management, emergency coordination, threat assessment, hand to hand combat, first aid and other disciplines that provide you with the safety and comfort you deserve. Our agents can perform many functions that “armed chauffeurs” and “VIP transportation” companies have never even heard about, much less been trained on.
So if you are looking for Orlando Executive Protection, Celebrity Security, or any other security service, Call ESS Global. We know Florida Security because we are Florida Security.