Motorcade Training in Tampa / Clearwater May 18-19

Circle the Dates: ESS Motorcade Training in Tampa / Clearwater May 18-19. Executive/VIP/Close Protection Motorcade Certification 2 Day Training.

Motorcade Training in Tampa / Clearwater  May 18-19

In the bodyguard/executive/close protection industry, it’s pretty likely your client will not be taking public transportation. Given that fact, how do you plan the motorcade operation? The route selection, route security, primary and secondary route evaluations and more?
motorcade training in Tampa
It’s all answered in the ESS Global Corporation intensive 2 day Motorcade Training in Tampa. 
A motorcade is simply how to properly move a client from one location to another, and the proper training makes a very big difference.
A motorcade is designed not only for the protection of your client but also to ensure the smoothness and comfort of his or her travels.  This course is good for complementing other Executive Protection training courses that did not include training on motorcade operations, or for people who are already working in the Executive Protection industry but were never properly trained in motorcade operations or tactics.

A driver who is well skilled in defensive and evasive driving techniques can save lives.

Often an attack may occur while driving, and a driver who remains calm but acts quickly and decisively can keep his or her client out of harm’s way.  This course is designed to teach you how to not only provide smooth transportation for a VIP, but also what to do in the event there is an attack on your VIP while you are driving.
Executive Protection Training in RaleighThis motorcade training in Tampa will cover the following:

  • Vehicle Searches
  • Embus and Debus Drills
  • Route Reconnaissance
  • Motorcade Tactics

Again, this is a brief overview of what will be taught as the full curriculum will only be disclosed to ESS Global Corp students. A large portion of the training is on the practical side and out on the road as this will be what the entire course is about.

Motorcade Training in Tampa / Clearwater  May 18-19

ESSThis is a two day course, that starts at 9:00 AM and ends at 5:00 PM each day.
This 2 day certification is $300.
Please ask us about our group rates, private classes, referrals and discounts for: military, law enforcement, firemen, EMT/paramedics and security officers with either D or G license.

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