Florida Class “G” Shotgun Training in Tampa

Florida Class “G” Shotgun Training in Tampa January 17 – The Only Licensed Security School in Florida. ESS Global Corporation.

Florida Class “G” Shotgun Training in Tampa

At ESS Global, it is our top priority to ensure our customers complete our courses with the highest quality and thorough training available, and the most up to date information. Our firearms instructor comes to the table with 40 plus years of experience in the security and firearms industry.
Florida Class "G" Shotgun Training in Tampa
Shotgun Qualification
As per Florida State Chapter 493 provision, all Florida License “G” Armed Security Officers seeking to become certified with a shotgun, must qualify by training and being evaluated on their use of a shotgun. The licensee must also submit proof that a minimum of 4 hours of shotgun certification training, taught by a Class “K” licensee, has been received. This proof is done by turning in form # 16005 CERTIFICATE OF FIREARMS PROFICIENCY FOR STATEWIDE FIREARM LICENSE (given to the student by the instructor) to the Division of Licensing on completion of the four-hour course.
Important note
You must have a valid G license to be certified to carry a shotgun as a security officer but, YOU DON’T NEED TO BE A SECURITY OFFICER TO TAKE THIS COURSE. If you are just looking to understand the functioning, operation and safe use of a shotgun, you are welcome to come to this course.
The four-hour course will consist of classroom time, testing, review and range time. The cost of the course is $200 and includes course materials, range fees, targets, eyes and ears; ammunition is also included.
Florida Class G Shotgun Training in Tampa JAN
Classroom; 2.5 hours of class will be given according to regulations. There is a mandatory class curriculum that will be conducted during this period. The student is asked to bring their shotgun to the classroom unloaded. There will be dry-fire practice.
Test & review; a 25-question test will be performed after the class curriculum is done. The student will have up to half an hour to complete the exam and will need a grade of 70% or higher to pass.
Range time; your official course of fire evolution will consist of 24 rounds using 2 and ¾ inch double aught buckshot. However, we recommend you bring at least 40 rounds. Your minimum acceptable score on the range course will be 50 pellets on target of a possible 72 which is equivalent to 70%. You will be allowed to make three attempts at achieving a passing score or greater.
Upon the completion of this course, the student will be able to demonstrate the following skills and techniques:

  • Safe shotgun handling
  • Identifications of shotgun parts and ammunition
  • Shotgun cleaning and maintenance
  • Shotgun loading and unloading
  • Basic shotgun shooting principles
  • Proficiency with a shotgun by shooting a qualifying score while exhibiting proper shotgun handling
  • Proper intervention for shotgun malfunctions.

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